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Next time you have to sit on a flight and watch Dreamgirls you can think of this…

In-flight movies cost US Airways an extra 10 million dollars annually in fuel costs since the equipment used to show the movies is heavy, an extra 500 pounds. US Airways recently announced that it is going to start removing in flight entertainment systems on domestic flights to alleviate costs, which in turn means less fuel consumption. Good, no?

US Airwaves did mention that they will keep the entertainment systems in their international flights and flights to Hawaii (no mention of flights to Alaska – whon whon), and are looking to install monitors on the backs of headrests.

Now this just makes me wonder what they did with all that money from headphones.

Just some random food for thought.

via: the associated press

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    great point about the costs for headsets. i’m not buying it… it seems a little fishy if you ask me. i’m all for saving fuel.. but? 500lbs? that’s bs. they could have little screens on each chair (though i hear if it’s plasma that’s bad for the enviro too :(