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New mother Halle Berry will be the voice for an upcoming Ovarian Cancer Awareness Campaign.  The Academy Award winning actress is teaming up with the Callaway Golf Foundation, which is donating one million dollars to the Entertainment Industry Foundation. The cash will go towards cancer initiatives to fast track treatments and research to beat this flippin’ horrible disease.

Well done…save the ovaries!

Halle will be doing public service announcements starting in August.


  • Liz

    Very cool. She looks awesome in that picture, and this is an awesome thing to do…go Halle!

  • Alex

    ?ne million dollars for save the ovaries – it’s a great donation!! Very good!

  • erin -animal research not cool

    Mind you I did my homework before posting this; Ok foolks, I had to do a double take when I read this. People applauding money being donated so that innocent animals can be tortured in the name of “curing” cancer. Puulleeze. Haven’t at least the eco community become privvy to what’s really going on? There’s no “cure” to Ovarian cancer (my mother survived it but used natural cures in Europe) and dissecting and torturing animals (yes that’s what this charity does) isn’t going to find a cure. It’s just going to continue to turn a blind eye to the drug companies who provide women with HRT and other drugs that have been shown to caue the cancer in the FIRST place (cause of my mother’s incidentally) At least in most of Europe they’ll admit that, not here in the USA… So people do your homework before posting “alright, that’s great they’re gonna waste a million bucks on animal research which is so ass backwards!”

    Yes even Peta is Entertainment Industry Foundation on .. see below

    PETA lists the American Red Cross, the Entertainment Industry Foundation and three of the EIF’s National Initiatives — the National Cardiovascular Research Initiative, Women’s Cancer Research Fund, and the National Colorectal Cancer Research Alliance — in its campaign to stop contributions to charities that support needless horrific animal research.

    Do your homework first people. this was one so easy. I suppose you still support it? Eco friendly? I’m disappointed today when I read this website.


  • Tracy


    My mom is suffering wiht ovarian cancer and I am very interested to know what kinds of natural European things she did to battle this horrible diasease.



  • Donna

    I do agree with you…we do need to really understand where our money is going for good causes. My Mother too was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in 2007 and I firmly believe that premarin was the cause of it! No one tells women that the synthetic hormone replacement therapy is not compatable to woman and that horses are being tortured everyday of their lives to make this awful cancer causing drug. My Mother lost her battle to the disease, but I will never give up on educating every woman I meet. We need some hope that we can at least save some lives with the proper education and awareness. Unfortunatly the only way to get the word out is through celebrities…that is the way the world is today. I believe Halle Barry is giving her time to this charity out of real care and sincere concern. She probably does not know how the testing is done and the options. We can not assume every one is as aware as we are. Count your Blessings and enjoy the love of your Mother for as long as you have her…no matter what life is too short and no one ever takes the place of Mom!Take Care…share your knowlege..