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I dare you to read Courtney Love’s latest blog entry. No, I double dog dare you. It’s an interesting tale of a visit to her friends Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s private home in England. The Coldplay frontman and the actress seem to cherish their privacy, so I’m guessing they aren’t going to be too happy about Courtney’s post.

Oh yes the post — once I decoded my way through it to her arrival at their home, I was a bit dazed to read this comment:  “Chris, welcomes me into his house and as I enter there in the kitchen is a big old ashtray, two lighters and two packs of SilkCuts.”  She continues, “I can have a smoke without getting arrested or kicked out.”

Ugg, is one or both of them smoking in the house around the two kids? The next descriptive leads one to think so, “I lay down with ashtray in hand, utterly content like a cat who got the cream, listening to the sound of children laughing these people are so coool…”

Isn’t Gwyneth Ms. Yoga and eco-mom? What do you think of Courtney’s blog entry?


  • michael

    That blog entry just robbed me of all that’s good and beautiful in this world. I need to go lie down.

  • jamie lynn

    i have always loved gwyneth for the serene way she glides through life, but it does seem that ever since she became a mum, her lifestyle choices have been slowly making the downhill slide. from macrobiotic diet to smoking around her kids??? whether it is her or her husband makes no difference. it amazes me that people can shrug off their beliefs in the face of their children’s futures…

  • E

    one word.

    ok two..

    ewww gross.

  • Laboheme

    Consider the source…a woman who is seen on MTV News laying on her back with a smoke in one hand and a drink spilling in the other as her legs go up in the air and a small woodland critter for all to see.

  • MRimbaud

    I don’t care, both GP and CM are very talented people, who do good things for the world, and who i honestly can’t imagine being bad parents. What’s the big deal?
    The worst thing is, their kids could smoke when they’re older. SO WHAT?! They obviously aren’t aversed to people smoking, and why should they be?
    Does it delete all the good work they’ve done for raising the awareness of green issues?