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Allow me to rave for a moment about something that has nothing to do with the environment. Actually, there is a sprinkle of philanthropy in the plot-line, so perhaps that’s my angle. Either way, if you have a love of anything to do with Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Firefly — stop reading this blabber of adulation right now and click here. 

Still need some convincing? 

During the recent strike in Hollywood, director/writer Joss Whedon created a short web series called Dr. Horrible about an up and coming evil scientist (played by Neil Patrick Harris) who falls in love with an activist for the homeless (Felicia Day), while also battling his nemesis, Captain Hammer (Firefly’s Nathan Fillion).

Oh, and it’s a musical as well. 

Combine the best of Whedon’s wit and humor from Buffy and Firefly with the genius of Stephen Sondheim and you’ve got Dr. Horrible. Acts II and III are definitely the strongest musically — so make sure you click thru after the initial taste. This is one web event worth consuming.

Let’s hope there’s a sequel. An evil sequel. 

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  • jamie lynn

    thank you Thank You THANK YOU!! joss whedon has always done two things well: musicals and bad guys (re: spike, the evil trio). i’ve heard so many people laud “juno” for it’s witty banter and all i can say is “please! joss has been doing that for YEARS…” nathan fillion is always flawless…

  • Liz

    This was awesome, but I still don’t understand the ending. I know a lot of people thought it was really shocking or depressing, but I just kind of went “huh?” There are a lot of theories out there, but I don’t quite buy any of them.

  • Gail d’Estries

    My theory on the ending on “Dr. Horrible”.
    He finally got what he wanted, a place at the evil table, fame,but he was still the same guy and all alone. As a huge Buffy fan, I loved it. Josh Whedon is the best.

  • Kael

    I can suggest an eco – relatedness of Dr. Horrible in that both Nathan Fillion and Neil Patrick Harris are active in supporting the Waterkeeper Alliance – Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s environmental organization that protects waterways around the world. Nathan, as well as several other Joss universe alumns (Amy Acker, Alyson Hannigan, Alexis Denisof), took part in the Waterkeeper Alliance Celebrity Sports invitational last January in Banff. Neil raced in and won the team (Bobby’s,actually) slalom event at the Deer Valley last December. Joss seems to find and work with some of the coolest and most caring actors out there.

  • Kerry

    I watched that last night! It really was pure (evil) genius!

    I never knew NPH could sing so well.

    Man, I miss Firefly :'(

  • Andrea Kendall

    I love Dr. Horrible. I watch it over and over again.

    I personally think that it is a morality tale. In the end Dr. Horrible gets everything he wanted and Billy loses everything important.