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Australia’s most famous animal activists, Terri, Bindi, and Bob Irwin, visited a wildlife park, East Coast Natureworld in Tasmania and gazed upon the Tasmanian Devils in their free range enclosure. The Park operates as a rescue, rehab, and breeding facility for indigenous animals. Terri Irwin previously donated $20,000 to the program, with the money coming from a dress she auctioned off — which she had originally paid $91 for. Terri also mentioned further financial support will be coming from the Australia Zoo, especially for research. Visit the Natureworld website to read about the devils’ struggle with a facial cancer that has wiped out 60% of their population!!

Bindi is 10 now and little Bob, 4, is a mini-me of his daddy, the late great Steve Irwin.

via: northerntasmania

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    Not sure if you’re being serious when you say late grate Steve Irwin (if this were cnn i wouldn’t be surprised but this is an eco site) Many believed Irwin exploited the animals and weren’t fond of his family’s Zoo (yes ZOO!, no, not the place they just donated 20k to which was kind) but the zoo .. not cool.

    I have to agree with Peta on this one that it’s not at all ironic he met his death from an animal in nature (a stingray) who was probably sick of ole Steve exploiting his brethren. Can you say K A R M A?

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    PS and no disrespect if you were truly a fan of his show(s) where he exploits…er .. shows off animals. Just my (and few other couple hundred thousand) folks views.