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Sure, KFC Canada has announced a new vegan option on their menu (thanks to PETA’s decades-long campaign against the fast-food giant) — but do they really get what being a vegan means? I’ll let the purists decide here. Check out this email we received from a reader earlier today:

“I live in Calgary, AB and I was really excited to try the new vegan KFC burger. I called my nearest location to see if they carried it and then asked them how they cooked it. They said they fry it up in the same fryer as the meat. This was very upsetting and I just wanted to pass this news along as I think it might be something that should be posted since it kind of defeats the whole Vegan thing. I still applaud PETA’s efforts but thought it might be info that should be passed along to others were are also a little misinformed.”

Hmmm…something tells me cooking a vegan sandwich in the same place as a chicken sandwich seconds before ain’t gonna cut it. Thoughts?

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  • http://www.myspace.com/veganpainterlady April

    Oh no! That sucks! I guess the sandwich will be good for people just converting to a healthier diet. It will be a good option for meat eaters to abstain from slaughtered flesh for a meal. Other than that, most vegans will be grossed out.

  • wordster

    Of course this is arguable, but unless someone is “allergic” to meat residue or simply can no longer abide the taste when meat touches their food it doesn’t make a lot of sense to reject the vegan option.

    It’s not that vegan food is “contaminated” by being cooked on the grill near meat or thrown in the fryer with chicken. It’s all about the animals!! The main purpose of choosing vegan options is to save the lives of animals and if vegan food is cooked near or with meat, that doesn’t affect how many animals are killed.

    Sure, most of us are turned off by the taste of meat and maybe the vegan sandwich pattie will have a bad flavor, which “would” be a good reason to reject it. But it shouldn’t be rejected simply because it is cooked near the meat.

    However, I always reject vegan patties/fries, etc. that are cooked directly in animal fat because that act creates demand for the animal product, whereas the pattie cooked next to the meat on the grill or in with the chicken does not.

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  • Nikki

    I’m an ethical vegan and understand where you’re all coming from.


    It’s a great first start and – once they see the demand for compassionate food – can set the market standard for the most popular western food: fast food.

    After this catches on, other stores with the capabilities for setting aside non-tainted measures, we can watch market competition take over.

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  • chrisjs

    I agree with wordster. I don’t see what the big deal is, if there are no animal ingredients this should be good enough, hesitation over cross-contamination icky-ness doesn’t hold up from a purely ethical standpoint. Though I do wonder if the mayo is actually vegan.

  • Ouisa

    They are advertising this as vegetarian, not vegan. Which are two very different things.

  • Mark

    Hopefully, this is just growing-pains with KFC. This is new for them and a great first step. My wish is that it is not only made and cooked vegan, but that it is healthy. Vegan or not, white buns, deep-fried fake meat and fat ladened mayo is not my idea of a snack, let alone a meal.

    Kudos for another baby-step forward however.

  • Dana

    My thoughts PETA shouldn’t be pushing their ideals down the throats of people who don’t give a fuck. Eating meat is NOT going to kill you.

  • Eric

    This is disappointing, but not surprising. Most places that have veggie burgers do the same (cook on same grill as meat).

    I find it helps to ask them nicely to cook your food away from the main area. Most places are willing to please.

    At the same time, don’t be difficult. The key is to show these restaurants that Veganism is becoming more popular and there is money to be made in compassionate capitalism.

    I will say that I became a regular a this hot dog stand (on the street) where I bought veggie dogs on a regular basis. This guy installed a special grill to cook my veggie dog (seperate from the main grill.

    There are always solutions to problems.


  • http://ananimalfriendlylife.com Eric Prescott

    Dana, eating meat DOES kill animals, unnecessarily at that.

    Also, the mayo KFC uses is regular mayo. It is not vegan. This sandwich is vegetarian, in the corrupted sense of the word that includes eggs and dairy (which, of course, were not plant-based products the last time I checked).

    PS – I am not the 8:57pm Eric from 7/22.

  • Liz

    This is from the PETA email that was sent out:The sandwich can easily be made vegan by ordering it in a wrap without mayonnaise.

    Yes, if they prepare it like that, that does suck. I did try it today, and have to say it is rather tasty. It is a victory for PETA.

  • http://notjustvisiting.blogspot.com Keith

    Pardon me for sounding ignorant, but where does KFC say it’s vegan? I’ve read other people say it’s vegan, but I’ve only heard KFC say it’s meatless, which does not equal vegan.

    Also, just because the sandwich is vegetarian doesn’t mean it was cooked using separate utensils/areas from meat, it just means it has no meat in it. Most of the vegetarian friends I have are okay with that as long as it’s not cooked in animal grease. But, people have their own definitions. My vegan friend only eats fast food fries at In-N-Out, as they don’t serve any other fried meat products, so only potatoes go into their friers.

    Eric Prescott, I don’t see why calling something using eggs and dairy as vegetarian is ‘corrupted’. Vegetarian does not mean only plant-based products, that’s what vegan is for. Vegetarian means no meat, which eggs and dairy are not meat.

    I for one applaud KFC for this move. The purest vegans and vegetarians will probably stay away, but if it can convince a meat-eater like me to enjoy a meat-free lunch, then I only see that as a good thing.

  • islander

    Normally we avoid fast food outlets like the plague, but traveling earlier today, we pulled over at a TacoBell, hoping we might be able to at least score some rice and beans to assuage our vegan hunger. When in the door of the store we noticed that it was actually both a KFC outlet and a TacoBell combined. When we asked about the vegetarian burger advertised, which you could get served with an optional caesar salad, it turned out that the dressing for the salad had anchovies in it (no surprise to us, but this was only determined after INSISTING (politely) that the sales clerk check the ingredients for us, even though she was ‘pretty sure’ we needn’t be concerned! It was obvious to us that our questions were annoying to her. So then the manager comes out, and eventually says that the vegetarian burger is cooked in the same oil as the chicken in their kitchen. It was have taken five minutes to try and get clear exactly what we could expect to be consuming. I tried to explain to the manager that his staff should be better prepared to answer customer questions about ingredients. He just didn’t seem to ‘get it’ that what they were promoting was not only misleading, it could actually be declared FALSE ADVERTISING.

  • Scott

    Bummer! It’s a step in the right direction though, and kudos to KFC for taking it. I wish I could support it with my dollar, but the thought of it cooking in a vat with chunks of meat floating around isn’t appetizing to me at all. Maybe I’ll just buy one and give it to somebody else…

  • Kodey

    I agree with Dana. We are meant to eat meat. That is why animals are here in the first place. My mouth waters every time I drive by a cow on hooves.

  • http://bfirrera.livejournal.com Bryan Irrera

    Let’s just put aside the whole vegan/vegetarian aspect of this issue and realize that there’s a WHOLE ‘NOTHER kettle of worms here…

    …what about all the people with poultry allergies who might have wanted to try this sandwich when friends wanted their fix for KFC?

    If this veggie pattie is fried in the same fryer, wouldn’t the patties get some of the chicken fat infused into them? That’s just asking for people to go into anaphylactic shock!

  • c;etus

    You guys sound like a bunch of whiners. And how stupid would it be for someone who has a poultry allergy to be in KFC no matter what they were eating? Can’t you guys find something worthwhile to whine about like crime or pollution?

  • sam

    Oh come on, it just seems fair that popular restaurants should have at least ONE option for non-meat eaters. Since those complaining obviously don’t face the issues vegetarians/vegans face when going out to eat, it seems clear their inability to empathize is born out of ignorance. Grow up already. These are fair questions from a company trying to slap a label on something (‘vegetarian’ for instance) and pair it with or include additional ingredients that defeat the label.

  • http://nowhip.blogspot.com Matt

    If your goal is to reduce the number of animals killed for food then a veggie burger cooked along side meat is fine. There is no increase in demand for animal products due to your decision to eat it. There is the gross factor, but if you are eating at KFC how picky can you be? I’ve found that the likelihood of vegans eating potentially contaminated (otherwise vegan) food is indirectly related to how long they have been vegan. After 12 years I’ve seen the strictest vegans come and go and am happy to have an additional option.

  • Mei

    So many people use the “Vegetarian” label to mean their own personal food ideology that the term is fairly useless as any kind of standard for food preparation. Add in the part-time vegetarians, or the ‘Bacontarians’, and you’ve got a customer service nightmare ready-made and waiting for any company that wants to offer a cheap, ‘vegetarian’ meal.

    @sam: Most fast food restaurants have offered salad options for years now. You might have to do some research to find a dressing that fits your particular definition of vegetarian(or vegan), but the option *is* there. It might not be nourishing(what Fast Food is?) or thrill your tastebuds, but it’s quick, convenient, and you can socialize with non-veg co-workers or friends over food.

  • http://brainyblonde.com Erin

    Bottom line don’t ask the people who work at KFC how it’s done. And I know I’m going to get beat up for this one- but if you want to ask a kid or (worse) a person whose made a career out of working at KFC you’re probably not going to get the smartest answer. Call KFC headquarters and ask them. Chances are their employees are a bit more educated. Sad but true. Here’s the info for the KFC american headquarters but I don’t know the one is Canada.

    KFC Headquarters Location 1441 Gardiner Ln. Louisville, KY 40213 Phone: 502-874-1000

    And bottom line; I wouldn’t step in a KFC no matter what. If I were on the road and really only had fast food as an option I’d go to Subway (they’re everywhere) and get a vegetarian sandwich on wheat, hold the mayo. I’m not saying it’s the best but sure is better than KFC where the emphasis is on the meat!

  • Eric

    pathetic. if they dont like it let them eat something else. like dirt. oh, wait, there might be tiny bacteria in it. they’re alive too, aren’t they? what about water? oops, there are thousands and thousands of tiny living things swimming around in each drop of water.
    I dont see anything wrong with being vegetarian if one chooses to be, even though that isn’t what our bodies were designed for. but they weren’t designed for smoking either, among other things but that doesnt stop some people. Nor do I have a problem with people who object to animals being mistreated, and i especially don’t think much of people who hunt for sport or pleasure instead of food. But i find vegans to be an insult to nature, as evidenced by articles like this one. Are these people all allergic to meat? is there something in the meat that turns the grease left on the cooking surface toxic? maybe there is, in which case i’m wrong? But i wouldnt bet on it.

    Anyway, I wouldn’t eat at kfc myself. I don’t like chicken. But I apparently like soybeans, becuase i eat at mcdonalds now and then.

  • D.J

    I asked what the ingredients were and the manager told me she didn’t know and didn’t have a list of ingredients.

    Whatever grease they cooked it in was sure heavy duty anbd tasted “lardy”.

    I cannot see this being a big winner for anyone…

  • O phatz

    My bet is that KFC can and will start using a split-vat fryer to solve the problem. The newest and latest quest to fry it and buy it eating. If KFC needs to know about the fryer they need, please call me I sell them.

  • Ann

    As a 20-yr. vegetarian, I’ve learned that dining out is a challenge…from soup, to pasta sauce, to ‘meat free’ options, etc. I assume that fast food ‘meat free’ options are cooked/tainted on the same grills and fryers as meat. THE LARGER MORE SPECIFIC ISSUE WITH KFC is their processing of their chickens. There are many documented reports of cruel and abusive treatment of their chickens which eventually end up on the tables of KFC. So, even if KFC cooked their ‘meat free’ sandwhiches apart from their meat sandwhiches, I would NEVER purchase ANYTHING from that establishment. Their acts of cruelty are unforgivable.

  • http://abandonedbatonrouge.typepad.com/barou_is_the_new_bklyn/ cokane

    Yeah if you eat at any restaurant that isn’t a strict veg establishment, you have to accept that your food is being cooked on or in the same surfaces/substances that meat is. I’m a decade-plus vegetarian, as of this year pescatarian, and am over it. There are bigger fish to fry.

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  • S.H.

    The things are deep fried in the same vat that chicken pieces are cooked in.

    So it’s no surprise it tastes like their chicke.

    Each time a piece of chicken is fried in any starting fat, its chicken fat is rendered into the cooking fat mix and more fat gets added to the vat than started out. So the “faux chicken” veggie patty is actually partly chicken … the fat part!

  • mike

    Kodey says on July 23rd, 2008 at 8:26 am
    I agree with Dana. We are meant to eat meat. That is why animals are here in the first place […]

    Yea this is completely untrue, and you can make sure to keep eating meat to garuantee you get high cholesteral, cancer, and all kinds of other disseases.

    I started reading about this kind of stuff, and people who say we all are natural born meat eaters, this is completely untrue.

    This is why…

    1. something has to eat a plant right?

    2. even if its far up in the food chain, the cow or chicken or [fill in the blank]
    had to have ate something that originally ate a plant

    3. there for, all you are doing is eating something that has all of the plant and more animals inside it [which is pollution for your body] and getting the original plant protein.

    that is one very small reason on why you shouldnt eat meat…

    It is like putting fresh spring water into a sewage system and drinking that… you dont need all of that sewage in your water!

  • sardia

    “eating meat DOES kill animals, unnecessarily at that.”

    wait wait wait… so we can eat meat and not kill animals? Please elaborate.

  • http://culinariaeugenius.wordpress.com Eugenia

    Um, not to be an asshole, but why would any ethical vegan/vegetarian/meat lover eat at KFC at all? Isn’t quibbling over the oil a much smaller “beef” than how they kill and prep their chickens?

  • Daniel Reeves

    Why would any vegetarian even support KFC in the first place, unless you are traveling with a whole bunch of friends and you stop at KFC and there is no other place around to eat at?

  • parrish

    One issue that hasn’t been touched on is whether a vegetarian should order the “vegan” (if you can call it that) sandwich at KFC to simply support the company’s decision to put (and keep) it on the menu. The fact is that if a vegan chicken sandwich doesn’t sell they’ll simply take it off the menu. This happened a few years ago at Burger King with the vegan veggie burger.

    In case you don’t know the story, the Burger King in Watkins Glen, New York was the first location to introduce a veggie burger (thanks to the folks at Farm Sanctuary) and eventually Burger King went out on a limb and made the burger vegan. The vegan version didn’t sell and so they went back to the original veggie patty, which included dairy and eggs.

    I actually haven’t decided what side I’m on here. A part of thinks it’s silly to support the companies that directly contribute to the abuse and slaughter of more than 10 billion animals a year. Then there’s the other side — the idea that if we vegans and vegetarians don’t support those choices they’ve given us they’ll no longer be around. Is that such a bad thing? Maybe…maybe not. I often feel for young vegetarians in perhaps less progressive areas who aren’t privileged to a plethora of veggie food most of us experience. Will this option somehow encourage them to continue choosing the vegetarian lifestyle? It’s something to think about…that’s all. But I don’t (knowingly) eat food that has shared the same oil, cooking space, etc. with animal products. That’s after 7 years of veganism though. Certainly when I began the journey I wasn’t as strict.

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  • maw

    You guys need to get a f#$%#@* life. Is it any more/less ethical to eat a chicken then it is to use electricity derived from fossil fuels, that will slowly kill all living things on the planet. Especially when that electricty is powering the computer you are spewing your utter nonsense from right now.

  • David

    Lets face it – we don’t live in an ideal world. There are shades of gray to everything including vegetarianism. The argument about the definition of vegetarianism can lead us off track – the more important issue is trying to make things *better* both in ourselves and in the world around us. When I was a child my family ate red meat every day. Now, at least 2 or 3 nights a week my parents eat a meatless meal. They are *not* vegetarian – no question of that. But is the way they eat now better than the way they ate when I was young? Well, there are generally 3 reasons to be vegetarian – health, ethics & environment. Certainly it is healthier to eat meat sometimes than all the time. Eating meat less often means that less animals are killed which seems a good thing to me. And getting more of your calories lower down on the food chain is better for the environment than getting them all from animals. Would I like the entire world to go vegan overnight – absolutely! Is there any chance of this happening – absolutely not! Given that, I think that every move *towards* a more vegetarian world is better than maintaining the status quo. So is a non-vegan un-chicken sandwich that may contain some chicken fat ideal? No, but it is still better than eating a real chicken sandwich. KFC should be applauded for a move in the right direction – and perhaps with a bit of gentle persuasion they will move even further: using a separate frier, adding more vegetarian options, creating a *vegan* sandwich etc. If we boycott KFC and rant about the sandwich not being vegan, it is *much* more likely that KFC will give up and stop offering the sandwich at all. It is not a perfect world – but I would rather have an imperfect vegetarian choice than have no choice at all.

  • vegansawa

    I am vegan and I suppose I am strict (although I don’t understand the idea of a vegan who would be relaxed on the idea of eating something vegan that’s cooked in an animal product?)…anyhow, I will not be trying this product. I WANT to try it, I WANT to support KFC for making this change because, even though they continue to profit from slaughtering animals, they are taking a step in the right direction. I worry that the vegetarian patty may not be a permanent fixture but then again, isn’t the real win for animals here the fact that they will be purchasing their chicken only from CAK slaughterhouses, which means that the lives of those birds aren’t going to end as in as horrific a manner as they have been? It’s not a lot, I realize this, but those who campaign for ethical treatment of animals (for the most part) would agree that every step, no matter how small, is extremely important in changing the way our society perceives the rights (lack thereof) of animals?

    For those of you who are non-vegan/non-vegetarian making comments like “don’t you have better things to whine about”…don’t YOU? This is obviously a forum for people who think the issue IS a big deal so if you don’t, and don’t have any rational comments to make related to the issue itself, why are you wasting your time here?

  • vegansawa

    in addition to my previous comment, I have just contacted two different KFC stores in my area (New Westminster & Burnaby on 10th) and they informed me that they use vegetable oil in their fryers and if you call ahead to find out whether they’ve just changed the oil in the fries fryer to fresh oil, you would then know whether the product would actually be cooked in just vegetable oil. so for those of you who WOULD like to try this product and show your support for KFC’s decision to offer it, you can do a bit of leg work, call ahead and there you go. One restaurant actually told me that if I wanted it, they could turn on one of the fryers they’d just changed the oil in so it would be hot when I got there and make the patty for me. For those sticklers who understand that cleaning out a fryer doesn’t get all the chicken fat out, well you’re like me…you won’t be going. But for you so-so strictees, this might be the answer you’re looking for.

  • Sin

    If you don’t want them to fry it.. just kindly ask them to microwave it :)

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  • Rhonda roo

    get it right people animals were not put here for people to eat…..GET YOUR RESEARCH FACTS STRAIGHT

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  • vegan-b

    Such interesting discussions here. I’m glad that this hasn’t been tainted by slanderous “abolitionist” theory (which I find highly offense, as I seek animal liberation as well, just through an incremental path). Although VERY small, this is a victory. Exposing people to tasty veggie options is good. I meet more and more meat eaters all the time who enjoy eating vegetarian, especially vegetarian meats. People are becoming more open-minded and we need to continue to advocate for things like this within the capitalist market to keep the demand for cruelty-free products rising.

    I am indeed a strict vegan, but to all the vegans out there: remember that we are role models to the rest of the world. If a friend/relative/co-worker sees us flip out because of the oil a veggie patty was cooked in, how does that help animals or promote veganism? It simply makes us look like insane fanatics. Think about it. Veganism is simply a means to an end (animal liberation) and not an end within itself. This is not about personal purity and self-righteousness, this is about helping animals. It saddens me when vegans loose site of this.

  • http://moremoreenough.blogspot.com Blake

    Some animals eat other animals. Some people eat animals, and yes, unfortunately some people eat other people. Why? Because meat tastes SO GOOD!

    I have to agree with Ann about why any sincere vegan would set foot in a fast food establishment, let alone patronize one.

    Most ‘vegans’ and ‘vegetarians’ I’ve met made the conversion because a) they hit college and realize the price of meat in a grocery store for the first time, or b) they need to give themselves a sense of moral superiority ’cause they couldn’t get laid in high school.

    I give these converts a year at the most before they break, donning a pair of oversize sunglasses to embark incognito on a run to a nearby burger shack.


    By the way, if the ‘meatless’ patty isn’t meat, what is it?

  • Tina

    You know… they sell meat in the same store that they sell vegetables. Hell, they grow slaughter animals sometimes on the same land as they grow vegetables. Does that meant you shouldn’t eat vegetables? :\

    I think people need to separate living a compassionate livestyle from turning it into a religion. This shouldn’t be an issue of kosher/unclean. When you buy the sandwich you killed no animals & you let KFC know that you support a veggie sandwich.

  • Delina

    As a studying nutritionist, I’ve learned that cholesterol, found only in animal products, is most present in the “fat” portion of the meat, in particular. That being said, when the real chicken is fried in grease repeatedly, actual chicken fat deposits are left in the deep fryer (this I know from working in fast food restaurants) The result is that you could get minute amounts of cholesterol on the vegetarian chicken. If that’s not reason enough, what if I think it’s just gross . . . what if there was a restaurant that would kill, chop, batter, and fry your best friend, or your mom . . . would you want to eat something cooked in the same grease that your friend was cooked in? No. Some vegans/vegetarians don’t really care if their food touches animal products before being eaten. That’s respectable. Some of us just think it’s gross like, when you were a kid and tried olives for the first time. Stop saying we should “eat it anyway” . . . it’s not healthy, and if we don’t want to eat it we won’t. It has nothing to do with being “overzealous, or religious” and everything to do with being just plain grossed out. End of story.

  • Julie

    Hi there,

    I personally don’t care if it’s cooked in the same grease or not. I’m not a veagan anyways. But I was just wondering how many calories do these KFC vegetarian sandwiches have?

    Does anyone know please? I’ve looked all over the net and couldn’t find any info on that.

  • annamaria

    Yeah, I agree with some of you on some issues, but still many are missing the points from both sides. Yes, I am a vegan vegetarian. I chose not to eat animals, and animal products, not just because of animal rights, but also because most animals are sickly and carry many diseases which I don’t want to share. The farmed animals are fed and injected with mass quantities of antibiotics, because of living in filthy overcrowded conditions, and are fed and injected with growth hormones, to make them grow fatter faster [like the american people are from eating them], so that the greedy people in control of farming them can make billions of dollars that they couldn’t possibly need, and do it all quickly before they die from a heart attack from their fat and cholesterol clogged arteries, or from cancer tumors whose growth was accellerated by the growth hormones they consumed via eating the animal products that contained them. And that’s unless they , of course, don’t first die from mad cow disease. And that just scratches the surface of why I chose not to eat animals, and that’s not even getting into the animal cruelty side of the story.
    Now, for the other side of the story. … KFC, UGH!!!!!!! why would any vegan even step foot in the doorway of that place, and then have the nerve to complain that dead animal juices are contaminating their food. Meat eaters have rights too, even if the animals don’t. Even God said so in the Bible that man shall have dominion over the animals. It is all a matter of personal choice.
    Hello………… if you’re a vegan, stay out of an establishment that condones the torture and slaughter of innocent animals. Makes them so fat that they can’t even stand on their own two feet, and then cuts their beaks off with a hot searing knife, so they have to eat all the grain instead of picking the parts they like, and all in the name of greed. And if that isn’t enough, then they are allowed to be brutally tortured out of sheer demented pleasure of some of the warped employees at the chicken fat farm, and all so that the already over rich chicken farming KFC can feed the too lazy to cook, already too fat humans with fat clogged arteries, who will die soon themselves anyway. Hey leave them alone, let them eat what they want, and if you don’t like a little chicken blood and leukemia juice on your vegetarian burger, then stay home and cook it yourself. But use olive oil for frying, because other oils become carcinogenic whenb heated at high temperatures. And that’s another story, for another time. Bon appetit
    PS. Delina, you’re pretty funny.

  • Jen

    I just have a bit of a hell-raising question for those who are claiming that we are supposed to eat animals… are you coming from the biblical ‘dominion’ stance? If not, then there is no indication that humans are ‘supposed to’ eat animals. If you are, well… good luck with that literal interpretation thing!

  • darnell

    someone earlier in the post argued something to the effect of “so what does it matter eating meat dosen’t kill” and infact it does kill. so many health problems IN HUMANS could be avoided by eliminating/ cutting back on meat and they could definitely stand to be reduced. I’m talking about heart disease, colon cancer, diabetes, parasites from meat… so many problems. its about much more than just the animals. that’s only 1/3rd of the problem. I’m not trying to ‘force’ anybody to become veg or anything but if anyone wants to know more or has questions my email is astrosaki@yahoo.com. thanks for reading.

  • darnell

    re: Blake
    1) meat does not taste good. if we were truly made to eat meat we’d eat it just like a real carnivore. hunt. kill. eat. not buy. put in fridge for a month. heat. season. eat. no real carnivore does that..
    have u ever eaten raw meat? disgusting. it only tastes good cuz of seasoning, and the way you cook it. proof that were not really meant to be carnivores.
    2) its not about some sense of superiority as u say (at least not for most). I was a flesh addict too.. just a year and a half ago. but I researched all the negative effects it had on human health and decided I don’t wanna eat animal carcasses anymore.
    3) a meatless patty usually contains some sort of soy, wheat, or vegetables.

    • Ben

      Try not salivating to the smell of cooking bacon when you’re hungry. If that’s not an evolutionary backhand to your ignorant, uninformed comment I don’t know what is. Not meant to eat meat? You’re right, we’re not carnivores. We’re omnivores. It’s a hard concept, I know. You should be more concerned with the ecological destruction processed meat industries cause the world than all of those parasites you got in all of your years of eating meat

  • darnell

    like one poster mentioned earlier if we don’t support these kind of things they may soon disapear. and though I consider myself a more strict vegan when I’m on the road and I’m starving I sometimes pull into a bk and get the veggie sandwich. its better than nothing. but the less strict vegs out there I encourage you please support these places whenever u can. we all want change and we want it now. but we need to realize were getting change so we need to accept it and GRADUALLY ask for more. there’s three steps when u ask ppl for change. first people ignore you, two people violently opose you. three people GRADUALLY accept your ideas. ull notice this in life.
    remember friends, baby steps.

  • JulieAnn Zserdin

    I am vegan,and I get so tired of most vegan attitudes. everytime something that truely helps animals comes into being, the vegans find a way to put it down. so the stinking vegan chicken buger is cooked in the same grease as regular chicken. it is still a non meat item that saves animals. get over the vegan attitude and be thankful that KFC is bringing out a vegan sandwich. maybe it will catch on enough that it stops the use of real chickens. vegans need to stop being so rigid and start caring more about saving animals lives and less about thier crazy vegan ideas.

  • Jackie

    I am completely fine with them frying it in the same fryer. I really don’t understand why anyone would object. If you’re a vegan for ethical reasons no more animals are being harmed by your food touching something that touched a dead chicken. If you’re a vegan for health reasons it really will not make a big difference in your diet. Sounds like people are just trying to find something wrong with it. We need to be more reasonable so that other fast food restaurants will want to follow suite.

    • Nana

      I’m a vegetarian I have been from young about 7 years old. All of my family ate meat but for some reason around that age no type of meat except some fish would stay in my stomach, even when meals were disguised with meat hidden I would get sick ( I guess you could call it a version of food poisoning). My mum tried everything to get me to eat it but after realising how I would just throw up decided to take me to a dietition for a well balanced diet of things I could eat.

      Anyway to make a long story short, I ate fish from a child until I was about 17 or 18 years old and then my body started to reject that too, no matter how I tried. I don’t eat out even at “vegetarian restaurants often”, but I had a sad experience with a veggie burger where half way through it I got very ill, to find out that it was in fact fried in oil where regular burgers had been fried.”

      For some people this could make them very ill.

  • Belle

    Hmm.. It’s good for us non-strict vegetarians… Really satisfies the chicken cravings!!

  • carnivorous_jester

    I am not a vegan nor am I a vegitarian for a few good reasons. First of all, though, let me start off by saying that I’ve got nothing against vegetarians. I have many Veggie and Vegan pals, and while I may not agree with their diet and even fear that it might not be the best thing for their bodies, I haven’t got anything against them. No, my problem is with the militaristic Vegans who seem to believe that their diet is the only way of life and that meat-eaters are automatically murderers on the level of Ted Bundy.

    I personally do not see a problem with eating meat. Why? If you look at our ancestors, they ate meat. We hunted, killed, and ate meat raw as neanderthals and only learned to cook it when we figured out fire. We evolved canines and incisors because nature obviously intended for us to eat a little more than vegetables and fruit and soy. Humans have hearded animals for food for centuries – were they savage animal-killers too, or were they eating meat because they knew something that the Vegans nowadays do not? While it is saddening that many slaughterhouses harm their animals and treat them so horribly, the fact is that killing is a part of the food chain and even if you eat a plant you’re killing something. I do NOT in any way approve of putting hormones and nasty stuff in my food; it’s all too Upton Sinclare’s The Jungle for me. This is easily fixed, however, by eating Kosher meats – still killing, but a lot less painful for the animal and also allows no room for torture.

    Also, it is a myth that going vegan is healthier for the environment. It actually leaves a much bigger carbon footprint than if you eat some meat (the key word there is ‘some’). As if this weren’t enough, many of the Vegans I’ve met suffer from vitamin and protein deficiencies and some of them need to take pills for the stuff they’re missing. Oh, what’s that, you say? Eating the right mix of proteins in legumes and rice gives you a full protein? True, but it’s not as complex and easily absorbed as meat is. Hence, constipation. Please explain to me how needing to take a laxative for the rest of your life is ‘healthy’. Also, french fries and onion rings are vegitarian, and they aren’t necessarily healthy. And what about fried tofu, greasy veggie dogs and burgers, and the processed soy beans and veggies that make soy milk, tofu, and other vegan staples? Meat or veggie, processed foods are one thing that everyone should avoid if at all possible – especially that flavorless iceberg lettuce; ew! Seriously, eat Romaine if you’re making a salad – the greener the leaf, the more vitamins it has.

    The bottom line, unfortunately, is that a lot of Vegans are PETA super-activists that forget that humans, as omnivorous animals, need to eat, and that unfortunately means eating animals to get all the necessary vitamins, proteins, and minerals. Thing is, I do agree with PETA on some things – abusing your pet is a horrible thing to do, fur is indeed murder and shouldn’t be allowed unless you eat the animal (the Native Americans did it this way – using as many parts of the animal as they could), zoos should allow for the animal to have as much freedom as possible (Disney’s Animal Kingdom is an excellent example, with plenty of space for the animals to go when they aren’t out for the general public), and circuses should treat their animals better than they do or not have them at all. I find leather alright because humans eat cow, and many humans eat rabbit, so I don’t have a big issue with rabbit fur, either. No beef with wool; you don’t kill the animal for it and shearing the wool is actually necessary to help the animal stay in good health. Animal testing is needed to find cures for the real killers – Heart Disease, AIDS, and cancer – but I agree that we don’t need to test skincare stuff on rabbits. SOME meat in your diet isn’t going to kill you (it’s actually probably the best way to go diet-wise), and it isn’t automatically setting you up to get fat unless you cook it in twenty pounds of lard. If health’s the only reason you’re Vegan, then try adding some Kosher white meat or fish you catch yourself into your diet and stay away from fast food. Why white meat? White meat is much less fattening than even lean red meat is.

    As for my diet, I’m mainly white meat and raw-veggie. I will eat red meat occasionally when I want a burger or something, and even then I try to eat Kosher even though I’m not Jewish. I cannot have milk, so I drink soy milk instead. I try to limit my processed foods as much as possible, and I make sure to get my dairy elsewhere (I only have an issue with milk, not with cheese, yogurt, or other forms of dairy). I do not eat pig products as it really isn’t that good and I’m not about to eat anything that might have (dead or alive) worms in it. I balance this with lean meats, like venison when I can get it (my mom knows a hunter pal who owns a processing plant and only kills for the meat, selling what he can and eating what he doesn’t sell), poultry, seafood, and lamb (which I swear has got to be the meat of the Gods, it’s so good). For all this meat-eating I do, I am very happy to say that I am in good health, with all the vitamins and minerals I need, and I’ve never been happier!

    The main reason, unfortunately, that I am not and never could be a vegitarian let alone a vegan is that I have had far too much bad vegitarian fare in my life and not enough good veggie fare to offset it. It can be good if you make it right, but the sad fact is that many veggies and legumes are bland in and of themselves and all the flavor is in the spice, so for those of you saying that MEAT is bland… look again at what you’re eating! So tell me, vegans – how flavorful IS plain tofu? How about plain broccoli, plain zucchini, and plain carrots? Food in general needs flavor to be tasty, therefore saying that meat is ‘unflavorful’ is a moot point.

    On the sandwich, I have a few questions. First of all, if you’re Vegan, why are you in a place that supposedly tortures chicken? Why would you wish to patronize such a place if you hate it so much? Second thing I’d like to ask is this – if it’s fried, isn’t it unhealthy anyway? Oh yeah, sorry, I forgot that many of you are hypocrites. My bad.

    Last thing I have to say is this – KFc doesn’t have a ‘responsibility’ to make a separate fryer for you that uses veggie oil. KFc and other fast food restaurants are not going to go away. People eat meat, it’s a fact. So this little ‘Animal Liberation’ project of yours really isn’t going to go anywhere. Besides, isn’t mailing people pamphlets that explain in gory detail how their dietary choice is wrong kinda detrimental to what you’re aiming for? When I see your commercials, pamphlets and videos, it doesn’t make me wanna run to Subway for a Veggie sub on an all-wheat bun, it makes me wanna run to the bathroom and spew my previous meal into my toilet after I just cleaned it that morning.

    Good luck trying to convert the ‘flesh addicts’ with your scare campaigns, PETA. I’ll be sitting in the corner of your little court laughing at how much of a pathetic bully you are and how foolish you’re making yourself look. :)


    • marlies

      good to know that you think you’re in the ethical clear by consuming only kosher meats! And hey, if NEANDERTHALS did it, why not keep with the low brow traditions and hunt with pointy sticks and sport some loin cloths?

      I dont quite understand the point of posting “vegetarians and vegans, dont read this!) considering the entire post is directed to animal liberationists, vegetarians, vegans and anyone else who has made sacrifices for the sentient, social creatures we share the planet with.

      Since you claim to have vegan and vegetarian friends, I’m assuming you are aware that not all of us are militant feminists with hairy legs and a chip on our shoulder. And I am also hoping you realize that the incisors and canines we have been granted would be pretty hopeless if we were to try to rip into the carcass of something we just killed. Considering you have access to a computer, I’m going to be safe and assume that you live somewhere where you do not need meat to survive. No, not all vegans have tunnel vision. I realize that I am very fortunate to be able to make the choice of whether or not to eat meat/ animal products. I also realize that people in other places such as third world countries do not have this choice, and meat is part of what keeps them alive. In places like those, people hunt. They survive. We are part of the food chain, and we have the right to survive just as any other animal does. Those people hunt and kill out of necessity, and it is sad that it has to be that way, but it does. You and I however, have all things offered to us. We can make whichever choice we would like to regarding food/diet, and more and more people are making more compassionate choices.

      I also refuse to believe that vegan diets have more of a carbon footprint than any other diet. Funneling soy, corn and water through an animal before it is slaughtered, killing the animal, shipping it, butchering it, taking it to the consumer (not to mention the antibiotics and hormones pumped into its system) doesn’t seem too eco friendly to me. Nevermind clearing rainforests for grazing land, crowing animal feed etc. Every diet has some impact on the planet, how much just depends on which one.

      I would also like to know why fur is murder, and leather is not? Perhaps you were unaware that leather is not only a bi product, and that there is an actual leather industry. Is it because fur still looks like an animal? Or because cows are not as cute as rabbits? Or maybe because fur reminds us too much of our cats and dogs? You seemed a bit uninformed regarding the leather industry, but I’m sure if you “youtube” leather industry, you will be enlightened. Or perhaps you might like to look into Kosher slaughterhouses? Having your throat slit and your blood drain out of you while your innards spill out seems humane and dignified, doesn’t it?

      Going back to carbon footprints, I understand why it might seem that vegan diets have a large one. Importing exotic foods from all over the planet to meet our dietary needs! But you must not forget that meat eaters consume these foods too, as well as a large amout of animal product.

      Blaming health problems on a vegan or vegetarian diet is also inappropriate. Like any other person, if a vegan or vegetarian eats nothing but french fries, iceberg lettuce and onion rings, it is obvious that they are not receiving enough nutrients. If an omnivore eats nothing but burgers, french fries and iceberg lettuce, I’d say they were in the same boat. All humans need to eat well or our bodies won’t function properly. Just because we aren’t eating meat or animal products should not create the assumption that we are all nutrient hungry, gaunt and sickly.

      “And what about fried tofu, greasy veggie dogs and burgers, and the processed soy beans and veggies that make soy milk, tofu, and other vegan staples?”

      What about fried chicken? Grasy hotdogs and hamburgers, and the processed milk that people drink? After the long process of being pasteurized and made “safe” for people to drink? If that isn’t processed, I don’t know what is. Plant milks are just as natural as any other milks, and guess what? People process food. It’s part of eating. Unless you want to rip a carrot from the ground or bite into a freshly killed rabbit, its going to be processed to some degree.

      “So tell me, vegans – how flavorful IS plain tofu? How about plain broccoli, plain zucchini, and plain carrots?”

      Why don’t you tell me how flavourful raw meat is? How about raw eggs? Or maybe you could suckle milk from a cow and tell me about the experience? Using seasonings and cooking methods is a natural part of eating. Meat eaters do it, and if its natural for you, then its natural for us.

      “On the sandwich, I have a few questions. First of all, if you’re Vegan, why are you in a place that supposedly tortures chicken? Why would you wish to patronize such a place if you hate it so much? Second thing I’d like to ask is this – if it’s fried, isn’t it unhealthy anyway? Oh yeah, sorry, I forgot that many of you are hypocrites. My bad.”

      Arguable point. One could say that by purchasing such sandwiches is giving money back to a company that tortures animals. Others could say that by purchasing the sandwiches, you are creating a market for animal friendly foods, and more restaurants will get with the times and more people will realize that veggie diets aren’t such an inconvenience after all. Both points are valid, its just up to you to decide which you believe in. And calling many of us hypocrites? Are meat eaters for some reason exempt from this rule? I could even call you a hypocrite- you claim that animal suffering in slaughterhouses is horrible, but you continue to support them, kosher or not.

      Lastly, not all vegans and vegetarians are PETA supporters. Although it may be hard for you to believe, we have minds of our own too. Not all vegans and vegetarians are hypocrites, either. Were still people, remember? People are flawed and people make mistakes, vegetarians and vegans and meat eaters alike. I give kudos to those who are doing their best to be compassionate and caring about the earth and its inhabitants. All of them.

      • HappyVegan

        I love your response…it voiced everything I was thinking and you did it without insulting anyone.

    • Casey Riccatone

      carnivorous_jester seems to be delusional on many fronts, including that meat eating is good for environment and that our “ancestors” ate meat. Hmmm… where did you find that factoid, Sparky? The NRA website?

  • Tzod

    Ugh… This just annoys the hell out of me because it’s so close to the convenience I used to enjoy.

    To those of you thinking objectors are just trying to find something wrong…
    Not everyone is Vegan for ethical reasons… I was diagnosed with VERY sensitive gout when I was just 22.
    I control it completely with diet and for me, that means going Vegan. It’s been 8 years since diagnosis and now, If I practically even LOOK at a piece of meat, my foot/knee/hip/ankle swells up and feels like it’s breaking, sometimes for as long as 3 months or more.

    If I had ordered one of these while in Canada I would have been stranded there.

    You got on the ball KFC, and slipped off horribly.

  • mayne

    ” If you’re a vegan for health reasons it really will not make a big difference in your diet.”

    If you’re a vegan for health reason you won’t be at kfc in the first place

  • http://www.facebook.com/DurrGunz Durrell Gunville

    Why would even eat at a big food chain that is notorious for cruelty to animals anyways? They’re just taking the money that you used to buy that vegan sandwich and are spending it on more ground up chickens and shit..