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You’ve probably already heard enough about Miley Cyrus to last a lifetime — and with a movie based on her hit television show currently filming, a new album called Breakout being released, and (not to mention) all those controversial pictures invading the Internet, America is bracing for Miley-overload.

Which is why when I found out a track on her new album was her ‘eco-anthem’, I took notice. The song, titled ‘Wake up America,’ is a break from the standard, “he broke up with me, I hate school” tween angst ridden tracks we are used to hearing from these pop-tarts. With lyrics telling us to ‘Wake up America, we’re all in this together, It’s our home so let’s take care of it’ and to ‘ Stand Up, I’ll try if you will, wake Up it’s not a fire drill, all she needs is a little attention, can you give her just a little attention?’

It’s a love song to Mother Earth, if you will.

You can listen to the song here, and while it’s not exactly Shakespeare, you do have to give the Disney star some credit for putting it out there.

  • MileyHannahJonasFan

    I’m so proud of her putting out a good message there. You don’t know how many kids worship her, (me included lol) and listen to whatever she says.


  • Remy Chevalier

    Something is certainly going on at Disney… Wall-e falls in love with Shiva! They should latch on to Greensburg and build the first green theme park in Kansas!

  • Reid

    I think this is an awesome song and a great effort on Miley’s part. Getting this message across to all of her young fans will hopefully influence many of them to start living greener, even at their young ages, and translate into habitual green behavior. The entire album is awesome — I bought it at 6:30 this morning!

  • BJF

    She’s the only teen arties who’s even tried to get today’s youth to try to help the enviorment. everybody is always saying how we need to “help the enviorment!” espically celebreties. but they just say it once or twice on a commercial or something. EVERYBODY needs to get more involved and actually try to help the enviorment. i have to admit-she’s not the best singer in the world. but a lot of people worship her out there, and they will do whatever she sais. I’m sure this song will have loads of impact on Disney-Viewing-Children worldwide. GO MILEY!

  • Miranda

    I don’t understand what she means when she says “Global warming, going green, I don’t know what all this means,” because I don’t believe in global warming. I think it’s a lie…so I’m kind of wondering if she says that she means global warming and stuff is bullcrap (like my dad says he thinks she means) but then she talks about trying to go green…I think global warming is a liberal lie, but we do need to respect our planet. I am an overly-obsessive Miley C fan. You go, Mi!

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  • sasha

    thanks yalll i am pleased that you like it i worked very hard for it and ill be doining a lot more to help the enviriooment

  • Aurora