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Neve Campbell Is Afraid To Bring Kids Into This World

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Neve Campbell has a new television role as an eco-warrior who wants to save the planet. I’ll watch it as long as that creepy Scream mask doesn’t show up anywhere!  England’s BBC has this new drama coming out called Burn Up. The British two-parter is being filmed in Canada, where Campbell will portray Holly who works for a British Oil company’s renewable energy division. Holly is committed to creating change and doing good for the environment, but…duhm duhm duhm duhm (scary music sound) the company only hired her to greenwash their image!  Bastards! Then Holly goes and falls in love with her boss at the evil oil giant. Sorry, I’m getting way too into this. (You can see our previous take on the hilarious trailer for this film here.)

Neve is into it too because she’s really worried about the environment, so much that she’s not decided yet on becoming a mom.

“I’m really not sure about having kids. Maybe I’ll shift my view in a couple of years,” she says. “People say things like, ‘You could have the child who makes a big difference to the planet, but we’re not talking about changes happening to the planet in 50 years. It’s more likely to be 20 years and we’re going to be in a mess. Part of me thinks it is not necessarily fair to bring kids into a world like that. It seems selfish to and it is something I have struggled with for the past few years.”

The BBC Press Release describes this show as a “provocative drama set in the real-life context of climate change.” Cool.

via: neveonline.org

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  • ara

    Can’t we all see the cruelty in the “you could birth a child who changes/saves the world” cliché. Do you really think it’s fair to bring a child into a cursed, dying world with the burden on their back of being forced to “save” it? Really there is no need to save this planet, it’s been on life support for ages and it’s well past time to let it go. And if you want to try to save it, take that burden upon your own back, do not create a child and throw the burden on their back.

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