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Someone At Disney Thinks Madonna Is An Eco Hero

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There are so many “Top 10 Green Celebrity” articles out there that we often have trouble keeping up. For obvious reasons, we consider ourselves fairly good experts on who’s deserving of being on that short list. So when a new one appears from Disney somehow including Madonna in the running, we have to clear the air.

Folks, Madonna isn’t green. I know, I know — we all had high hopes after her participation in Live Earth, as well as personal vows to reduce her environmental impact. There was even a moment when she was spotted flying commercial — while frightening passengers with vitamin injections — but it was a start, damnit!

Then came the news that she spends $120,000 a year on bottled water. Followed by a bizarre rant on London’s congestion tax — meant to curb CO2 and increase the use of mass transportation. After that, the appearance on the cover of not one, but two ‘green’ edition magazines; of which nothing in the interviews even hinted at her involvement with any environmental initiatives. To cap it all off, the BBC reported that Madonna’s carbon output last year was 200 times the average American’s; and her latest tour features nothing green like so many other acts out on the road making a difference.

Now, if you want to grade the singer on her involvement with humanitarian projects, we’re all for weighing her contributions. In the past year, Madonna has ramped up her efforts to support children in Malawi — with everything from development of a multi-million-dollar girls’ school for underprivileged children in the country to creating a documentary on the plight of those living there. Not to mention all of the events she’s held to bring in money for her charity, Raising Malawi.

So, while we’re quick to shower praise on the efforts of the Material Girl to help those less fortunate, we seriously can’t get behind any list honoring her for her work with the environment. We love being proven wrong — and maybe next year there will be some justification for including her — but for now there are plenty of others out there more deserving of the award.

via UK Metro

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