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The numbers are out and it looks like The Dark Knight made a whopping $155.34 million at the box office in it’s first weekend!!!! LORD! While that number seems mind-blowing, I saw the movie on Saturday and basically I’m like this close to leaving NYC for Gotham. Can I PLEASE be Batman???

The truth is that between Batman, Spider-Man, Iron Man, etc, the studios know that superhero movies equal cash in the bank. But the studios aren’t the only ones examining the power of the those with powers. PETA just released a top ten list of the most animal-friendly superheroes.

Counting down…

10. Aquaman—The King of Atlantis, Aquaman can commune with sea creatures, whom he considers citizens of his ocean realm, and routinely protects them from being abused or exploited by the surface-dwellers.

9. Black Panther—As the leader of the African nation of Wakanda, the Black Panther has banned the evil White Gorilla Cult from his country. Members of the cult seek to gain power by killing one of Wakanda’s rare white gorillas, bathing in their blood, and eating their flesh (um, gross). The villain known as Man-Ape gained his superpowers by doing exactly that—incurring the wrath of the Black Panther and becoming one of his greatest foes.

8. Superman—In a one-shot “PSA comic” entitled “Superman: For the Animals,” Supes rescues a kitten from being thrown off a bridge by a group of kids named (seriously) Ballser, Charlie, Donuts, and Eightball and, in the process, teaches everyone a valuable lesson about not picking on anyone weaker than you—including animals.

7. Captain Planet—He just wants to save the planet from the evil Captain Pollution! And that, of course, includes all our wildlife friends who live there. Point of fact, though: “Heart”? NOT an element.

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