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You guys, I really do think Hayden Panettiere is sooo awesome. She’s veggie, she fights for causes she believes in, she’s charitable, but unfortunately Hayden is still crazy addicted to her Porsche Cayenne SUV. To review, the Cayenne gets an embarrassing 14mpg in the city. Boo!! Listen, I understand if you want a fancy car, but nowadays it’s easy to be stylish and green. Come on Hayden, even Paris has a more fuel-efficient car.


  • AT

    Oh, come on. She’s otherwise “sooo awesome”. Give her this one thing. I think that every human being is entitled to the occasional vice. It makes life more enjoyable.

  • michael

    I agree she’s wonderful in everything else she supports. It’s just so odd that she told everyone last year she would shortly be getting rid of the SUV in favor of a hybrid, but has yet to commit. Bummer.

  • Jennae @ Green Your Decor

    I have to agree with Ecorazzi on this one. It’s not like money is limiting her choice of car here. If she wants a luxury SUV that bad, at least she could get the Lexus RXh hybrid. Still an SUV, but it definitely gets better than 14 mpg. And better yet, with just little ole her, she could get a hybrid CAR…no need for an SUV.

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  • Erin

    I’m with Eco on this one.. I love her and think she’s done So much to bring attention to great causes, but yes… those SUVs are a joke. I know someone who recently bought one (how sad) even after I begged them to get a hybrid. Time to make the switch Hayden. You can do it!

  • Eric

    She looks a little ticked in that picture, too. Maybe she’s psychic in addition to indestructable. :)