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Buried in an article over on Huffington Post regarding carbon-free fuel is an interesting reveal that actor Johnny Depp is planning on converting his island home to run on solar hydrogen technology.

Back in 2005, Depp bought the the 35-acre island (which he affectionately calls “F*ck Off Island”) in the Bahamas for around $3m after being inspired by what friend Marlon Brando had done with his own Tahitian paradise. In an interview with the Guardian, the actor recalled his conversation with the late Brando,

“Depp said, ‘Hey, man, I found this thing, this island!’ Brando said, ‘Well, what’s the elevation? Do you have a water system there? What about the electricity?’

Several years later, it appears that Depp is finally getting serious about emulating Brando’s earth-friendly tech elements. According to Peter Hoffmann, the Pirates of the Carribean star is third in line to receive a grid-independent solar hydrogen system from Mike Strizki. The inventor created the nation’s first solar-hydrogen house in New Jersey — without sacrificing any of the amenities included in his 3,500 square-foot home. You can check out a video of his system here.

Depending on the size of Depp’s home on the island, the cost is expected to run between $250,000-$500,000 — which, for someone with an island, isn’t a bad deal for unlimited, clean energy.

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  • Peter Manso

    This is idiotic — as misinformed as Depp seems gto be about Marlon’s frustration with making Tetiaroa self-sufficient. Why don’t yolu guys do a modicum of research before pugtting out such wrong-headed, misinformed items as this one?

    Peter Manso

    (MB authority and biographer)

  • mindset.

    To be perfectly honest with you, people would be really pissed off if he didn’t do this.

    Who buys themselves a fucking ISLAND?

  • Maggie Tate

    For someone who is a biographer, that means you Peter Manso, you need to really work on your spelling. While I’m completely jealous that Depp has his own island, I am pleased to see that he is trying in some way to help the environment.

  • thewalnut

    I’d love to have an island so that I could observe the animals, sketch the plants and attempt to preserve it. Or I’d just leave it alone so that it could be a happy healthy island.


  • Headsup

    Well if it is true, let’s not be jealous here. $3 million is hardly anything compared to some actors and actresses homes and 3,500 sq feet is big but no Playboy Mansion! Furthermore he is FAMOUS and probably can’t escape the freaking cameras when he does something as simple as walk to his car. So why not buy an island to be an escape? I feel bad for him though because in a few years it will probably be underwater despite the positive he tries to do, using clean energy, because people in other places are more interested in critiquing him than they are with their being wasteful.

  • Erin

    How was eco’s research off? I don’t get it. Also mindset – at least he prevents the island from being developed by tourists. Honestly if they get much cheaper (3 million in 2005 you can get some for a million now) I’ve often times thought of buying a little one and living off the land. Why not? how is this environmentally bad?

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  • P00PiE

    Hey, Mindset, to be honest.. a lot of people do who have access to it.. I would!

    Just look at Ebay, a lot of people are SELLING them.. if someone is selling, there is most likely someone buying.

  • bob

    I see so many homes for sale here in South Orange County that cost more than an island. I don’t understand why more people don’t buy one. I would if I could.

    I like the hydrogen aspect. First adopters always pay more, but it paves the way for us poor folks.

  • Johnson

    I think what he was trying to say, is that Brando was not trying to be eco-friendly–he was trying to stay the hell away from people.

    Just a recluse–not an eco-hero.

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  • Jennae @ Green Your Decor

    There are people who will scream that owning an island in an of itself is excessive and therefore not green. I agree to some extent, but Erin makes a good point. His ownership of the island prevents it from being over-developed and causing untold harm to the environment. And I’d much rather see him make an effort to use clean energy rather than show a complete disregard for the environment altogether. I hope he keeps these ideals intact and builds the house using sustainable materials.

    Visit for eco-friendly home decor products, projects and tips!

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  • Alex

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  • clean energy

    3 Mil is really not bad for an island these days. It’s far from extravagant.

    Kudos to Cap’n Sparrow for keeping it real … clean

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  • Islands First

    Islands first, Mr. Depp.

  • DelightfullyBlue

    I m beginning to think this workin for the man daily job thing wasn t the way to go after all. I never thought the being an impossibly cool, successful actor route would pan out. Live and learn…

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  • Jen

    “Who buys themselves a fucking ISLAND?”

    Um, probably anyone who can? Methinks I detect a note of envy in some of these posts. Hell, I live INLAND in SoCal and there are home on golf courses here (even during the housing crunch) that still cost more than Johnny’s island and house combined.

    Obviously, golf courses are a whole different subject, but talk about looking green, but not. Even though some do use reclaimed water. Ha, and my husband works for one!

  • scottman

    Right on Johnny me boy…….now don’t turn on your porch lights that will disorient turtle nesting. Here in Florida it is a fine. Love how attorneys get creative in turning their hour glass of sand on their desks.

  • Sandy

    What a wonderful place for me to picture you. (and me)

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  • Clinton

    It’s a little excessive owning your own island but I can respect Depp for taking a green route to preserve it.

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  • Katherine

    Johnny Depp, buying an Island what an awesome thing to be able to do, and going green kudos to you.

    It is just to bad one has to have money to save money!

    Po-Dunk, IL


    Well one thing I have 80 acres and let me tell you that is not 35 acres if that is the island he bought.
    That looks like about 350 acres. Think…
    I’d hate to be out there just on 35 acres. But hey…I love JD. You go JD…you work hard for it.

  • Eco Mama

    Did we forget to open an Atlas or look at a globe over there at Ecorazzi? The Bahamas are in the Atlantic Ocean just off the coast of Florida. You need to go about another 1,000 miles south before you reach the Caribbean Sea.

    I really hope that Johnny Depp hires a reputable solar installation company someone other than this WACKO Mike Strizki. All Mr. Depp needs is photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, and enormous battery storage for his electricity needs. Keep it simple, because the operation and maintenance on any hydrogen equipment will be an enormous expense!!!

  • Alex

    Star Island is been approved to start dredging and refurbishing the beaches.Wow the first green island in the world

  • Nancy Tidwell

    I am Johnny Depp’s biggest fan all the way down here in the South Camden,Arkansas I think this It’s his Island let him do what he want’s with it and just hope that he makes another Pirates of the caribbean film.


    Johny Depp’s introduction of green energy in his Island must be commended. It is his contribution to efforts to save Planet Earth. We would like to supply him with Africa’s first locally manufactured large 300kW fourth generation (gearbox-less) wind turbine for his beautiful island. It costs US$775000 and will produce 150000 to 240000kWh of electricity per year, and it is made in South Africa. He would be having a hybrid system of wind and solar energy. We would like to partner with him in exciting renewable energy projects in various parts of Africa.


    Congratulations to Johny Depp. The actual electricity to be generated by the 300kW wind turbine depending on wind conditions is 1500 to 2400kWh per day which we believe will be suitable for Depp’s property.

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