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Miley Cyrus. This is Hannah Montana right?  I’m just recently figuring out it’s not two people but a TV show. It’s good to see she’s been doing a lot of good lately with her celebrity status, and reaching so many people. Her latest advocacy is creating an ebay auction for a fan to meet her, which will raise money and awareness of her new charity, the Pappy Cyrus Foundation – named after, you guessed it, her grandfather Ron.  The organization sounds pretty cool with its goal of reaching out to young people to help them be all they can be and reach their full potential. The plan is to help kids in need of health care, education, social services, and community support.

The auction runs July 21 – July 29th with the winner getting to meet with Miley at the premiere of her new movie Bolt, then have a few days at Disneyland (sans Cyrus). She’s also got separate auctions going for some of her previously worn clothing, signed pics, and albums. As of July 22nd, the meet and greet is going for $2000! All the hand-me-downs are getting good attention as well, except the “Juicy Courture Cord Jeans” currently at only $15.50.

All of this excitement is a tween dream for sure.


  • Todd T

    Selling herself is right! I was on Ebay and saw her auction. My Daughter is a huge Hannah Montana fan and even says she Hannah Montanna. My daughter was sitting next to me and was excited seeing her on Ebay. I clicked and looked at the stuff on auction with my daughter at my side. She begged me for Hannah’s jacket priced at $260. I tried to explain to her it was way too much money and wouldnt fit lol. What suprised me was she asked me how much it was going to cost to watch her 3D concert on Disney Channel tonight. At 6 my daughter has figured out Hannah or Miley, is all about the money. She figured it out all on her own. You cant even get her concert tickets without forking out a lot of $$, if you can even get some. The red carpet meet is at $15k now on Ebay. Only the rich can meet Hannah Montana I guess. Everything has its price. Oh but its for charity, thats so she can use it as a tax write off and not use her own millions.

  • Rob

    ooo i’m so excited, i think i’ve wet myself not.