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We here at the Razz love it when America’s most respected right-wing news anchor brings us the truthiness on what’s happening in the world of treehuggers. Of course, we’re talking about Stephen Colbert — who last time gave us a rundown of summer movies “destroying America” — and today goes after the Sierra Club and their executive director, Carl Pope.

You see, Colbert is concerned that organizations like the Sierra Club are forcing Americans to make sacrifices — something he sees as a direct attack on his love for drying his grapes with a hair dryer. And yes, that’s a metaphor.

In this hilarious interview, Carl Pope cautiously (and with good humor) navigates the questions put to him — including how he traveled over 2,500 miles from San Franciso to Washington, D.C. for the taping. “Did you travel on the back of a spotted owl?,” Stephen quips.

Enjoy the fun below — including the beautifully phrased response to “Is President Bush a ‘green’ president or the ‘greenest’ president?”

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  • DAn

    You might want to knowthat this was posted on ICECAP/ Apparently the denialists do not understand ironic humor

  • Natalie Foster

    I agree – this was a pretty amazingly hilarious interview. My favorite moment is when Carl was forced to endure 2 minutes worth of hairspray via aerosol. heh.

  • nomoredems

    first time on this website and you people are truly scarey. anybody who cares what a bunch of ignorant celebs have to say in a blog is mind numbing. DAn maybe you should realize that ironisc humor as you put it(its really stereotypical humor)is bsed on reality. but how would you know you don’t live in reality.

  • Mr. Sustainable

    Carl a great job! I’ve met him and this must have been one of his most difficult appearances!