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I saw Shut up and Sing, the Dixie Chicks documentary, so I know that the Chicks don’t like Country Singer Toby Keith and he doesn’t like them. I’m not going to re-hash the past, but the feuding began when the Dixie Chicks made a derogatory comment against President Bush, which flared off anti-patriotism hysteria in the country music scene. But that’s enough history…the superstars were all going to film a tv ad for Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection speaking out about climate change. These are those awesome ads featuring famous people with opposing political views, who unite over the need for a solution to global warming.  Apparently they have not been able to find an agreeable time to meet.  Hmmmm? Do you think they’ll reconcile over this important cause?


  • Sockr

    One of the Chicks is 9 months pregnant. That may have had something to do with scheduling conflicts. :P

  • Erin

    With all due respect – I cannot believe Toby Keith is even participating in such an ad…. It’d be kinda like seeing George bush do an ad asking people to go solar and give up their cars for straight electric or solar cars (yep there are solar cars now pretty neat) somehow i see toby keith driving a gas guzzler. correct me if i’m wrong.

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