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French Vogue is making a pretty big statement with a photo-spread in its August issue. Model Raquel Zimmermann is seen walking through the streets of Paris, wearing fur and leather while “sticking it to PETA protesters.”

Is this the photo-spread’s stylist, Carine Roitfeld, way of sticking up for American Vogue editor Anna Wintour, who gets no PETA love (and rightfully so)?

I personally am not a fan – but what do you think? Is this just a way for the French Vogue to push some buttons and drum up some controversy, is it their way of sticking up for the American Vogue, or is this their way of showing that fur in the fashion industry is coming to an end?

Check out some additional scans over on madeinbrazil.

  • Moonunit

    This is just the kind of thing that is going to happen to PETA because of their antics. They are animal rights terroists who will do anything for publicity and make the rest of us look bad rather than furthering their cause. And before everyone gets mad at me think about it…when you are are an organization promoting Ahimsa and nonviolence why would you resort to hateful acts and antics? PETA makes animal rights look like a big joke which is why I am not a card carrying member because I am serious about my animal rights and not just out for any form of publicity. On that note they will probably like this spread becaue they can show they A** again in a retort.

  • Chloe

    Whatever reason they decided to do it, fur is gross and so is Anna Wintour. Fuck fur and fuck Vogue if they think they’re being clever with this shoot.

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  • Lena

    And Chloe just helped reinforce moonunits’s point. Nice…vulgarity (and violence) always works to win an argument. If logic fails bring out the F word, threats and assault with buckets of paint…

    moonunit is right, as long as PETA acts like a thug organization they will continue to lose support from those of us who have dedicated our lives to eradicating animal cruelty (in whatever form it presents itself). Not to mention turning off thousands of potential animal rights supporters in the “mainstream” .

    BTW moonunit sad that you have to worry about other commenters here getting “mad” at your very common sense approach to this issue. That speaks volumes in and of itself.


  • Erin


    How do you know Chloe is a Peta supporter? I for one am (and am against fur) yet I don’t feel the need to use the F word or go off on a rant here. I know plenty of peaceful vegan/vegetarian (or not) Peta supporters. I think it’s silly to stereotype all of us (or to imply Chloe is one when you don’t even know who she is)

    Bottom line is this. You can be mad at Peta for being mad at fur wearers. Or you can shut up and do something about it. I am not going to sit and defend or attack Peta (plus there are other anti fur groups out there in the world) or people like me who quietly don’t buy fur and when I model I always refuse to wear it and have since I was 17 when I began. Also sometimes I’ll say that making a big stink about something (as Peta does) gets people’s attention.

    Look I have people who get my at my “snobby hybrid car” and love their v8’s and the loud vroom of the motor. They’ll never get rid of their old cars or suv’s. Hey that’s one thing. I think there’s some nostalgia associated with that. And even though i don’t like SUV’s and never owned one at least animals aren’t tortured to death to make one (unless you have leather- i have non leather hybrid) but bottom line is this…… Anyone who is proud of wearing a ton of tortured animals (soley for their fur) on their body has got something wrong with them. Look at the people who wear fur like Naomi Campbell or the Olsen twins. I think it’s selfish and so so not necessary and OVER. A shame they don’t see it that way.


  • kaysee

    i dont know much about any of you, but i can see the fashion side of this. its a good shot, and many models, photographers, and magazines have had many a shots very similar to this one.
    PETA may go overboard on some things, but it is for a good cause. even if some people are in it for the wrong reason, they are still spreading the word. which is what an orginazation is about, is it not?
    people are going to wear fur as long as the earth spins. to each is own. its good to have organizations out there, but people arent going to change just to make you happy.some people do change after awhile looking and researching, but some people cant. its habit, and its a bad one. but we all have them.and no i agree it isnt good to generalize. or use vulgarity to win a fight, it just makes you seem immature, and unaware.

  • Remy Chevalier

    Did anyone notice that the model is giving the finger to the protester? This is typical of using the enemy’s own message against them. Imagine if Entergy came out with an ad like that, where proud nuclear workers walk past anti-nuclear protesters? What would be the message? Maybe that the visual image has lost all its persuasive power? That we are entering an age of total confusion as to what’s real, what we beleive in, what we need to be doing as a species? Where an unlimited editorial fashion photography budget, for a magazine selling diamonds and jewels to the super rich, can manipulate public opinion with a simple gesture, where the earth, the environment, survival, poverty, disease, nothing matters as long as you have yours, and can hold on long enough before the atmosphere caves in. Charming!

  • jenamia86

    Old Rottenfeld is such a hag.

    Ecorazzi, how can you post a blog about this and approach it as though it’s an arguable topic with room for conflicting opinions? As people invested in preservin the ecology, you should know that fur farming is more harmful to the environment than any synthetics production.

    As to the PETA haters here, do a little research: PETA is a totally non-violent organization, unaffiliated with other “terrorist” (silly how people bandy that word about these days) like the ALF (which, by the way, is not an organization, but the title given to many different cells). The People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals are here out of pure compassion and the urge to stop the heartless, useless torture animals endure every day on factory farms and fur farms.

    Animals used for their fur are beaten to death, anally and vaginally electrocuted, drowned, gassed, poisoned, and often skinned alive, while still conscious. The life on a fur farm isn’t any better than the death: animals are crammed into cages too small to even turn around in, often living in their own filth and waste without even the provision of clean water. Many animals die in the cages, and their terrified and often starving cagemates resort to eating the corpses in a desperate attempt to survive. Many animals go insane. As they are lined up for slaughter, they watch the others suffer and die; they recognize what is happening; they feel fear. Animals trapped in the wild aren’t lucky, either: they often suffer for days in steel-jaw traps, waiting and waiting to put out of their misery. Unfortunatly, there’s no peace in death for these animals, when the trappers return to strangle, bludgeon, or stomp them to death.

    Go to for footage. There, you’ll see a little fox, who, after having her skin ripped off her body, blinks helplessly up at the camera. You’ll see a beaver drown slowly. You’ll see bunnies hung upside down, watching their cagemates throats get slits, than bleeding to deaths themselves. All this, for the sake of “fashion.”

    If you wouldn’t do this to your cat or dog, don’t support people who do it to animals JUST LIKE THEM.

    And really, it’s not fashion. Fashion should look cool, sexy, or beautiful, and none of the adjectives describe fur when you know what’s behind it. If you’re wearing fur, no amount of chic accessories can keep intellegent people from seeing your outside AND inside as UGLY. …Plus, faux fur can be just as nice, and much cheaper. In this socially and ecologically conscious age, wearing fur is simply a pathetic act of conspicuous consumerism.

    As to PETA’s “antics,” well, if PETA didn’t do what they do, they wouldn’t get the attention they do, and then French Vogue wouldn’t have run these photos: anyone with a soul will see these pictures as “Vogue’s antics,” which, judging by these shots, are more vulgar, innapropriate, trashy, indecent, obnoxious, rude, socially unaware, and stupid than anything PETA’s ever done.

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