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mattea coal

A recent interview on NPR’s Living on the Earth, brought singer Kathy Mattea to the airwaves to talk about her newest album titled Coal.  She saw Al Gore give his famous power point presentation in 2006, and she didn’t sleep for two nights. She got trained by Al Gore to be one of his one thousand Climate Presenters, and has been thinking of coal mining and combustion ever since.

The West Virginian said, “strip mining is raping the countryside.” I could hear the inner struggle coming from the conflict of her ancestry of coal mining and her new understanding of how the burning of coal effects global warming. She’s written an entire album on coal, and says she can sleep better now since taking some action.


[Editor’s Note: To view first-hand how mountaintop removal is destroying the beauty of the West Virginian countryside, check out “National Memorial for the Mountains” by the org ilovemountains.

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    To find out what you can do to support a coalition of local and national citizen groups against destructive mountaintop removal mining, go right now to

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    The Mountaintop removal photo is from a staffer at OVEC, –see more photos there. The flyover for the photo was provided courtesy