Looks like Neve Campbell’s television mini-series called Burn Up is pulling in some eyeballs. Part I of the eco-thriller drew 2.4 million households during its debut last night. The plot deals with Big Oil clashing with an environmentalist (played by Campbell) who’s brought on for what’s eventually revealed to be a massive greenwashing venture. I’m sure Big Oil is loving it. [Read more…]

US Magazine is devoting a several page spread in their July 28th issue to what celebrities are doing to be more green — but they’re not letting the gloss distract from the real issue: these people have huge carbon footprints! They break it down in a handy graph (scanned in here) and also call some celebs on their hypocrisy. Most surprising? Grey’s Anatomy star Kate Walsh flew to a sustainable living event in San Diego on June 14th — in a private jet. [Smacks forehead] [Read more…] (Update: According to a comment below, US Weekly did not reveal the whole truth behind Kate’s visit…)

Josh Dorfman may be a Lazy Environmentalist, but he’s also a successful green furniture maven who’s about to open New York City’s first-ever residential eco pop-up store inside Riverhouse — Manhattan’s greenest luxury condominium in Battery Park City (and home to Tyra Banks and Leonardo DiCaprio). The store will feature eighteen of the world’s top environmental furniture designers and artists. Swank!. [Read more…]

And finally, a Happy Birthday to one of our favorite green building sites, Jetson Green! Preston and the gang are celebrating by giving away a whole bunch of cool, green swag through tomorrow night at midnight. Stop on over, enter to win, and make sure to wish these guys a Happy 2 Years of serving up some awesome, inspiring, green content. [Read more…]

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  • Matt King

    Kate Walsh actually flew to the US Open golf championship. The fact that one of the sponsors of the US Open was a sustainable living group, doesn’t necessarily mean that the two were linked in any way !!

    That’s like saying everyone who goes to sporting events to spectate, must be a patron of the sponsors. Madness.

  • http://www.ecorazzi.com michael

    Thanks for that update, Matt. US Weekly really stretched the truth on that one…

  • http://www.greenyourdecor.com Jennae @ Green Your Decor

    I just want to go to Josh Dorfman’s new store. I’d be in eco heaven!

    Visit http://www.greenyourdecor.com for eco-friendly home decor products, projects and tips!