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According to E! Online, Russell Brand will be this year’s host of the MTV Video Music Awards.  If you’re like me, you probably have little to no idea who Russell Brand is… so I did a little digging and here’s what I found.

The Good:
Brand, 33, has been a vegetarian since he was fourteen years old.  And he practices yoga.
The Bad: He was a heroin addict, an alcoholic, and has been arrested more than 10 times. (He’s been sober since 2003 though).
The Ugly: He describes his flashy bohemian fashion sense as an “S&M Willy Wonka”.

Hmmmm, this should be an interesting live show!  You’ll have to tune in on September 7th to see what this crazy Brit has in store.

Via: E!Online & Wikipedia

[Editor's Note: Russell Brand was also the hilarious Aldous Snow in this year's comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall. If you haven't already, please watch his character's music video called "Do Something". It's a very funny parody of a "Heal The World" type song.]

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  • Cynthia – Healthy Hollywood

    I think this is a really refreshing change for the MTV Awards and I’m looking forward to seeing how he does. It’s time that we step outside of the bubble of our regular hosts and get some fresh faces out there.

  • yogi

    New face. I wish it was a meat eater!

  • Mouse

    Awesome news about the award show! I hope it’s a true rumor, as I love Russell Brand. But it seems very uncompassionate and unforgiving to list his long-past drug problems as “Bad” – Russell’s not only hilariously smart, he’s a true gentleman and sweetheart who, if anything, should be praised for having overcome depression and drugs.