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A recent article about her cosmetic surgery at Make Me Heal mentioned that Bo Derek, screen vixen star of sultry films such as “10,” is both an animal rights activist–and a hunter. Squinting to make sure I’d read right, I immediately did a quick search for more sources.

There’s not a whole lot about Bo the Huntress online; but according to Celebrity Wonder, the actress campaigned against the killing of horses overseas for food, launched her own line of dog products–and is a member of the NRA who regularly hunts. Um, WTF? To me, it just seems a little off the mark when you think eating horses is cruel while shooting wild animals is good clean fun. Plus, she’s a big supporter of the Bush Administration, whose animal rights record is hazy to say the least. A little consistency, Bo?

  • ainteasybeinggreen

    I’ve felt that it is contradictory to say that you are a horse advocate _and_ to go to horse races. No one seems to question her on this stuff. The latest deaths of sure-thing Big Brown and the philly Eight Belles are bringing to light what is wrong with that industry.

  • sara

    You’re absolutely right. Eating horses is bad, but watching them run to death, wear out and die isn’t? Pretty hypocritical!

  • Erin

    I have never been to “the races” in my life though I’ve been invited to the Kentucky Derby and grew up 45 minutes away from there. Bottom line… I am an animal right’s activist and I hate George Bush BUT I could see why someone would hunt rather than buy the dead animal at the grocery store. I mean.. didn’t the Native Americans respect the earth and animals yet they hunted them? IF I were to eat meat I’d rather eat a duck that was shot flying and enjoyed life right up to the last second than a duck who never saw water his whole life and was stuck in a stall… Just my two cents…



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  • not so silent observer

    It is times like these that make the new world of accountability we live in that much more intriguing, and ripe for learning!

    Both “Neither Wolf Nor Dog” by Ken Nerburn, and “Stuff” by John Ryan, outline in detail how much energy and waste is both expending and produced through the production of food.

    As painful as this is to our beloved friends at PETA and the like, Bo’s “wild game hunting” may very well have a significantly less carbon footprint than going to Safeway or Whole Foods and buying Nasoya tofu.

    It is very easy to cast blame and aspersions. It is liberating to judge not, educate, and then for each of us to individually craft the way that bests suits one’s lifestyle and ability to change for the benefit of us all.

  • sara

    The thing is, I just can’t find much about it except for the fact that she is a “regular hunter.” Does this mean for sport, for food, for pelts–what? Which animals? And it doesn’t get nearly as much exposure as her fighting for horses… why is that, if she is openly an advocate for the NRA?

    Why fight against the consumption of one animal but then kill others? And then advocate an administration that has wrecked so much destruction on habitats and various species? It just seems very odd to me.