flowersMartha’s Vineyard is a bit greener thanks to songstress Carly Simon’s Boutique which carries many organic and earth friendly products. Midnight Farm is where Carly deals in soy candles, books with eco-friendly tips, really cool ‘peace’ soaps, organic lotions, and recycled hand bags. That’s the stuff that dreams are made of.

flowersThose without access to Discovery Channel’s Planet Green network may still get the chance to view Ludacris and Tommy Lee’s Battleground Earth. Starting August 7th, TLC will air encore episodes of the new series every Thursday. Now if we could just get Discovery to air some of these online, we’d be really happy. [Read more…]

flowersBaby tip: Super soft soybean fibers are the latest craze among green moms. Known as the “vegetable cashmere,” soy is a renewable resource that also supports the cradle-to-cradle method. Celeb mamas Halle Berry, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Garner are all soy awesome for choosing this new green baby wardrobe staple. To nab some soy ropa for your fledgling environmentalist, check out Babysoy. [Read more…]

flowersFinally, reps for Cheeta the Chimp are going bananas after their beloved star of 12 Tarzan films was passed over for a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame — in favor of one for Absolut Vodka! Apparently the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce denied Cheeta his star a few weeks ago, but bestowed it on the alcohol company instead due to a sizeable donation. Classy, right? [Read more…]

[Thanks to contributions from Lori and Sara!]

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