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The Closer‘s Kyra Sedgewick first became truly involved in living harmoniously with the earth after the birth of her first child.

I carried Travis for nine months, providing him with a safe and healthy place to grow inside me, and then I gave birth and fed him my breast milk. Then, when I had to give him over to the world—to food that comes from unknown places and toys that come from irresponsible manufacturers—it really hit me: I felt responsible not only for my child but for the planet.

Now the mother of two children with her actor husband, Kevin Bacon, Kyra’s passion for protecting her young has led to her involvement with the Environmental Defense Fund and the National Resources Defense Council. She uses her celebrity status and voice to educate others about taking environmentally conscious actions.

Kyra has a lot of faith in maternal instinct and believes that it is the love of family which holds the power to save our planet.

Mothers believe we are responsible for our children from the womb to the grave. We are connected by the longing to protect them after they leave our bodies, so the impetus for making this planet safe for them lies with us. Mark my words: It’s the soccer moms who will change the world.

Have you been to a child’s soccer game recently? Those moms can become quite a force to be reckoned with!