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Lady Bunny, Star Magazine’s own Worst of the Week drag queen writer, recently posed for a new billboard in NYC bashing KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken or Kentucky Fried Cruelty.. whatever you want to call it!). Miss Lady Bunny joins other stars like Pamela Anderson and Imogen Bailey, both models and pinups, in the boycott against KFC. 

The famous He-She is seen in the regular blond bouffant hair ‘do’ and orange sequin dress- fab- and holding a bucket of KFC with a dead chicken hanging. There is a caption underneath saying “The Colonel’s Secret Recipe is Cruelty to animals. Kick The Bucket at“.

So what are you waiting for? KICK THE BUCKET!!

via: the Peta Files

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  • Shazbat

    Seriously, “He-She”? Do you know, or even care how offensive it is? You alienate so many people through stating that it’s ok to oppress as many marginalised groups of people as possible. DO you even care that people are killed every day because people see them as ‘less than’? They kill us because they see us as animals – less than human. They’ll never be on your side, but you tell them that you’re on theirs.