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In this set of four videos for Epicurious, Moby invites the cameras in for a tour of his New York kitchen and answers the age-old question of “So what does a vegan eat anyway?”.

The musician opens up his cupboards to reveal the health-conscious contents and sings the praises of veganism — though he does admit that there are occasional challenges with the food options available while on tour in other countries.

Moby also tells about when he finally gave into peer pressure and bought a microwave. Exceedingly pleased with the purchase, he happily states that it actually preserves the nutrients of foods better than other cooking methods and even uses less energy than the stove top. (Tip: Even though it says “Loading”, hit play to start the video…)

While I wholeheartedly applaud Moby’s positive attitude on veganism, I did notice some unfortunate things in his kitchen that made me a little unsure of his referral to himself as a “quasi health-conscious, eco-friendly vegan“.

The plastic Wholefoods bag hung very obviously from his cabinet door throughout the entire tour. Someone send Moby a Chico bag, STAT! However, plastic bags do tend to work their way into even the most eco-conscious of lifestyles, so I can get past that. The plastic food baggies were a gift from a friend, so that too is excusable. Even the lone plastic spoon could have gotten in there any number of forgivable ways. I would certainly hope to be cut some slack for all of the the no-no’s that can be found in my house.

But really Moby, what was the deal with the plastic water bottle on your counter top? Shouldn’t you know better than that by now?

  • Inga Ambrosia

    OMG. I just love him. Another vegan DJ. He’s famous and people still feel they have the right to question his lifestyle choices. I thought money and power would’ve eliminated all that. Darn.

    There’s no 24-hour deli in Miami, why is that?

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  • DJ Karma (of VegSpinz)

    Oh, c’mon! One plastic bag and one plastic water bottle is definitely forgivable! We’ve all been in positions where living 100% green wasn’t practical. The important thing is that Moby is making a great effort to be conscious of how he’s living, and being vegan is definitely one of the most beneficial and easiest ways for us all to make a difference.

  • TV Cabinets

    Moby is impressive but why are there so many vegan DJ’s? What part of mixing records stops you eating proper food I don’t understand?!