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Adding to the list of projects she’s got her hands in, Rachael Ray is debuting a line of dog food, with proceeds going to fund her charity “Rachael’s Rescue”. The recipes for the Nutrish for Pets line are taken from those Rachael has created for her pit bull, Isaboo. Other pet food and treat recipes are also featured in her magazine, Everyday with Rachael Ray.

“It seemed like not a lot of extra time to donate to something that could potentially raise millions of dollars for championing these little creatures that can’t speak for themselves.” – AP

The website for Rachael’s Rescue has lots of good information, a “Pet Lover’s” blog featuring recipes you can make at home for your furry friends, as well as “Are you ready for a pet?” and tips on common household items that can be toxic to your pets. There are also links to featured organizations like North Shore Animal League America and Bad Rap.

As a pet lover and dog owner, this actually looks like a pretty awesome venture on Rachael Ray’s part. I do have to wonder how much this line of dog food is going to cost, seeing as my Rottweiler eats through a fifty pound bag of dog food in about two weeks. Knowing I’m helping a good cause would probably make it worth the extra cost. Don’t worry, cat owners, there are plans in the works for a line of cat food to follow soon!

  • Fit Bottomed Girls

    Interesting! And an easy way to donate to a good charity and feed your pup healthy foods!

  • Dogs

    I hope the food is of high quality and not something you can buy from the grocery store

  • DogWorks

    No surprise…this food is of the grocery store quality.

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  • VeggieTart

    Sure would be nice if she could be REALLY green and would do some more vegetarian and vegan foods!

  • TT

    I wish she would come out with cat food. Cats need to have someting just as healthy as dogs do.

  • jb

    My dog trainer told me that the first ingredient listed in a pet food is the main ingredient and should not be corn. The first ingredient listed in this dog food is beef, and my finicky little dog is really going for it. His appetite is a concern to me because he usually doesn’t eat very much at all, and I’m seeing a real difference.

  • Jake

    I can’t wait to feed my furry friend the hacked up, dismembered body parts of slaughtered furry friends! Perhaps killing is ok if you give the bloodmoney to charity afterwards?

  • TM

    I think this is wonderful. No this may not be on the lines of super premium dog food but the first ingredient is meat. If I had a dime for every time I see people with crap dog food in the cart…. This formula is better than a lot you can buy at grocery store or super center. So… maybe people will feed their dogs better than usual. The fact that proceeds are donated to animals, that is great!

  • Debra Cunnington

    Until I tried Rachael Ray’s NUTRISH, I had never seen my dog actually lick her bowl after eating. She even looked around to make sure she hadn’t maybe dropped a morsel on the floor. She loved it.

  • corgie lover

    I wonder if my akc corgie would turn up her nose on it she has been eating Benefil which her vet recommended for the past 3 years and is very picky as to what she eats, but on the other hand my two cats may decide to eat it as well ….

  • Beagle lover

    I have 2 & year old beagles and I have spent ALOT of money on premium dog food. We tried this one basically on a whim. I like Rachel and what she stands for so I thought why not? My pups LOVE this food! Many thanks to Rachel for helping to provide a good quality food which also helps support less fortunate pups in need! Way to go Rachel! Keep up the good work!

  • aussie lover

    I have a 8 year old australian shepard and she can not wait to eat when she sees that bag!!! She is full of pep and jumps up on me so I can pour it in her bowl. We have spent an arm and a leg on her food in the past, but i think we will stay with this one for a long while!! Sometimes she won’t even come near her bowl if Rachel’s food isn’t in the dish!! Good work Rachel, and Penny says thanks!!

  • lisa rudolph

    my dog bear and fila love dog food

  • Spotts Grooming

    Sounds like good food. There are a few out there to choose from and it’s great that she will give the proceeds to help animals in need.

  • Sherwood

    I, too, possess a pit-bull who is the most sensitive animal I have ever owned. Quickly, a new dog breed will occur together to the media to blast, as they have done rotties and dobies in preceding many years. Unfortunate that media sensationalism breeds a lot inaccurate info.