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scorcher vi

We’ve covered several environmental disaster films here on the Razz — but nothing may be as hilariously frightening as what Tugg Speedman is up against in Scorcher VI.

Tuggman, the action moviestar played by Ben Stiller in the upcoming flick, Tropic Thunder, has his own presence on the web. Head on over to his official website and you’ll feel right at home — especially if you’re a fan of Tom Cruise. Notice the similarities?

Anyways, Tuggman’s filmography lists several very funny films — but the one that caught my eye was the site for a film called Scorcher VI. All the bells and whistles usually associated with a real movie are here — even the absurdity of the film’s synopsis isn’t a far cry from some of the more humorous big-budget action flicks we’ve all seen. Here’s a brief highlight:

“In 1994, audiences held their breath when for the first time in history, the earth’s rotation came to a halt, leaving all of North America on the hot side of the globe. In three short days, the United States became a desert, and in one week, the sun had scorched over one half of the earth completely. The entire might of the US military, and even that of President Jill Remis couldn’t solve the problem.

Lucky for them, construction worker, divorced father, and ex-navy seal Jag Leugerman got the planet spinning again. Pretty rad, right? Problem is, mother earth picked up a habit she just can’t kick. Now she seems to stop spinning every two or three years. No one knows how or why, and it just keeps getting worse. Fortunately, America knows just who to call when it does happen.

I mean, seriously, who wouldn’t see this film? Apparently, the sixth film in the series deals with the apocalyptic cold side of the planet adding, “and this time you better bring a sweater. Because this time, it’s different.”

Check out the fun here. The trailer should be released soon…

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