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Before I wrote about celebrities, I waited on them. As a young person in NYC I’ve worked in some of the city’s most famous vegetarian restaurants delivering tofu to the rich and famous. Therefore I can personally vow that David Duchovny (or Mulder as I was so tempted to call him throughout the meal) loves him some veggie nosh! 

In fact I have known for a while that David and his wife Tea Leoni were vegetarians (and perhaps vegan) and I was almost positive that Gillian Anderson was as well. However a recent tip from an Ecorazzi reader revealed that Anderson likes the occasional duck salad. Still, no one is hating because both Duchovny and Anderson have worked hard to help PETA with some very important campaigns.

In 1996, David signed PETA’s “Get Gillette Off the Set” petition to convince the company to stop testing on animals. Gillian’s also has worked on a series of animal rights campaigns and even won PETA’s Humanitarian Award in 2006. 

And so because Gillian and David are so damn involved in great campaigns, Ecorazzi and PETA are both encouraging you to sneak some healthy snacks into the theater and go check out X-Files: I Want to Believe. (Cue creepy X-Files music.) 

  • Sue

    David was on Regis and Kelly early last year and said without a doubt he is NOT a vegetarian. Very disappointing.

  • Mandy

    He absolutely USED TO BE a vegetarian. If you go to and look at the second to last paragraph, it says he “is a former vegetarian.”

    I bet Gillian made him be a vegetarian while they worked together, but afterward, he decided to go back on it.

    It would be nice if someone who interviews him in the near future could ask him why he went back to meat.