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While the Bush Administration will tell you, dear child, that abstinence is the best form of birth control, the reality is that one out of every four teenage girls has an STD and America has the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in the western world. In other words, we’re not promoting the right message.

Hence, Lifestyle Condoms is looking for a new spokesperson — preferably one that can impact a younger audience. They’ve recently approached teen-sensation Miley Cyrus to help represent the brand, and are willing to throw down $1 million if she’ll agree. From the article,

“‘Pop culture proves that teens are more ready than ever to disuss the subject of sex,’ said Carol Carrozza, VP of marketing for LifeStyles. ‘…we believe that Miley is both influential and relatable to this afflicted set – and is the obvious choice to get the message of safe sex out to teens across America.'”

To sweeten the pot, Lifestyles is even willing to offer Cyrus a lifetime supply of condoms. Camp Miley says that they’ve received no such offer — but would never accept such a deal in the first place. Obviously, after the Vanity Fair photoshoot debacle, the publicists surrounding the star have been on damage control to repair Cyrus’s wholesome image. A condom endorsement probably wouldn’t help.

But I guess that’s part of the problem with America’s approach to sex in the first place. Everyone we place on a pedestal in finely polished to reflect “values” and less real life. It would be a refreshing to see a teen promote safe sex — cause folks, we all know it’s happening out there — and not be judged or ridiculed.

Oh well. Color me naive.

via NY Daily News

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  • Sarah

    that was a good one!!! who nows… everything is possible…

  • Mara

    Whether Miley chooses to do so or not will be her business. However, “values” and “real life”, although they may be miles apart-there are numerous studies that show values may be better to aim for after all. Teens who wait until adults (when condom use will be their business) have better outcomes financially, socially, and educationally when they’re in their thirties.

    Also, numerous studies cite many teenage girls suffer coercison or rape as a 1st sexual experience and leads to PTSD.

    No one said reality isn’t happening. Perhaps it’s time to re-examine what reality should be and work towards creating a different reality.

    This comment will probably generate lots of angry protests due to such a liberal site. Oh well.

    Studies also show conservatives are happier!

  • michael

    Thanks for your comments, Mara. They are welcome.

    I’m definitely not saying that kids shouldn’t wait till they are much older to experiment sexually. I think it’s a massive risk to introduce such responsibility so early — but it would be great to see more attention paid to encouraging condom use between teens.

    The current plan of abstinence only is not working. The statistics speak for themselves.

    As for conservatives being happier, I’ll leave you to fend for that statement by yourself!

  • moonunit

    I am not surprised at these statistics because of the way we as a society treat sex. Not only that but I think a lot of girls, very young girls, walk around like mini Paris and Britneys flaunting themselves then when it comes down to it they get scared and realize it is wrong resulting in the rape scenario.

    On top of that people don’t talk to their kids anymore about it, they think they are getting it all in sex ed. Plus sadly to say I think this is the only way a lot of teenage girls get attention and how else are they supposed to act with Paris Hilton as their idol! So if making something like this cool is the only way to get through to girls I would have to support it. But I would rather see a strong female role model who isn’t hooching every man on the block to set an example on respecting oneself.

  • Mara

    Hooching every man on the block. Too funny!

    I think part of the problem is not with education, but with executing what you learn. It all goes back to the Health Belief Model (don’t ask me to recall name of the investigators, I can’t).

    In order for people to inititate a change for the better healthwise, there are several steps that must be “true” otherwise it will not happen. You can believe a threat is there and know how to protect yourself, but still some cannot do the necessary steps to protect their health even with education.

    This has been shown in other areas of health prevention, such as osteoporosis.

    Even college aged pre-medical students put themeselves at risk (and even when sober) by not exercising proper health precautions even when they know how. Other issues dealing with personality problems, self-esteem, motivation, psychological (as more people do risky things when they’re having a “good” or “bad” day-thus teaching some emotional examination skills might help the problem),social pressures, thinking that it is good to hoochey oneself around is what causes people to continuously jeopardize their health even when they know how to stop this.

    I’m not saying keep condom tricks trade secret. But a lot more research and efforts should go towards educating people about the personality issues and social reasons that motivate a person to do careless things to begin with.

  • sctoy
  • Matthew

    Personally, the main problem with rape or coercion, lays with the males. Rather teach the respect of a woman, or that Teenage sex doesn’t automatically make you cool. its not easy, but why isnt there more of this type of mentality

  • Jessica

    I understand wanting to reach out to a younger crowd to educate them about safe sex…but Miley Cyrus? Isn’t she just 15 years old? That’s way, way, way too young, in my opinion. And honestly, it sounds like Life Styles is just trying to get their part of the cash cow that is Hannah Montana. Little girls may start collecting Hannah Montana condoms, but that doesn’t mean they’ll start using them.

  • Mara

    Right Matthew. It’s not easy. But mentality and health beliefs are the only way to solve the problem that comes with careless behavior.

    Of course, that is much much harder and most people trying to teach or change don’t even have a clue.

    I think I may have to stop commenting now. I’ll never be able to stop!

  • Francesca

    I think the big problem with teens and stds is that everyone makes sex out to be a ‘bad’ thing. Like why Miley can’t accept the offer because parents of her fans will look at her badly for endorsing condoms.
    I know for me I have never bought condoms because I am terrified of what people will think when I buy them. Which is why stds and pregnancy is goign up because people are too ashamed to teach kids that sex is not ‘shameful!’

  • Mara

    Teens who have the confidence to buy them will buy them regardless of what people think of them or what they’ve been taught. And teens who are given them will still opt not to use them.

    Again, lies in the personal weakness of the teen individual-something that can’t be changed by society.

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  • Aaron Morgan

    OMG!!! I can\’t believe people would ever do that to Miley!!! They don\’t even allow bulling at my school.. it\’s uncalled for. I feel so bad for her! I love Miley Cyrus i\’m like her #1 fan. <3