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I wouldn’t really call Jennifer Lopez the Queen of Green. In fact, I wouldn’t even say she’s the Princess of Green, or the Duchess of Green…or really in the green court at all! I might actually go as far as to call her the anti-green. Lopez is famous for wearing tons of fur, flying private jets and now it’s been reported that she refuses to let her infant twins ” repeat outfits twice.” 

Granted this all surfaced after Lopez was a approached by a charity to donate some dresses for a celebrity auction…which she agreed to. It was only after when she tried to donate some of her children’s clothes that the truth came out about her reusable refusal. 

Now JLo — I know you’re just Jenny from the block, but there isn’t gonna be a block left if you keep abusing the planet like this. For real! 


  • moonunit

    That is a ridiculous example of excess…

  • erin

    she is an embarrassment to Latinas EVERYwhere.

  • Francesca

    I really hated how she always wore fur.

    J-Lo… you are NO longer Jenny from the block because now you’re a rich snob!!!