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obama mutt

We told you about the AKC attempting to find a dog for Sen. Barack Obama. Having a canine companion on the campaign trail and (presumptively) in office would be great for Obama. But the best idea would be for him to get a puppy from a shelter.

Now PETA has sent the Obama family a letter, urging them to save a puppy from a shelter. And the letter has a great angle on it.

Senator, no one needs to tell you that this country is proud to be a melting pot, and that there is something deeply wrong and elitist about wanting only a purebred dog. Millions of Great American Mutts—the dog that should be our national dog—are set to die in our nation’s extremely overcrowded pounds and shelters for lack of good homes.

It’s the perfect analogy, really. In such a vastly diverse nation like the US, what would be more fitting than for our national dog to be a mutt? And how much cooler would it be if Sen. Obama adopted a pup? Perhaps it would even encourage more people to adopt their canine and feline friends from shelters. And according to Washington Whispers, it looks like the Obamas are definitely considering the idea and will adopt a “mixed breed”.

First Pup, Senator Obama? I think there’s a pooch in a shelter somewhere just drooling over the chance to have that title!

via: PETA’s blog

  • Dog Daddo

    Best Friends Animal Society started three weeks ago with a very similar request and a petition. They have since received 50,000 signatures.

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  • Syera

    Although I disagree with PETA 99% of the time (their longterm goals are no pets whatsoever), adopting a mixed breed is definitely a great thing. Over the years many people have developed the notion that a dog isn’t worth having unless it’s a purebred dog. Quite sad, really.