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Rapper Andre 3000 of Outkast fame recently managed to show his green side to a waiter without actually dishing out any for the service.

Atlanta waiter Matt Moore claims that he went out of his way to hook Andre up with some vegan dishes after the rapper visited the restaurant he works in — even though it is non-vegan. Apparently, that effort wasn’t enough and Andre decided to complain anyways — getting his bill reduced in the process. At the end of the meal, the low-baller left a $0 tip and walked away. Classy.

What’s a guy to do? eBay! Moore was understandably pissed and threw his story up on the auction site, along with a description of the injustice and the offending receipt. “The chef had tried to please them with original dishes and took time out of the busy dinner to customize a meal for them,” he wrote. “Despite the spot-on service and super-catered food, they felt the need to leave me no money. I had nothing to do with the food, yet he stiffed me.”

Looks like Matt made his tip back. The auction for the receipt ended yesterday with bidding topping out at $14.50.

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  • Pete 4000

    Ah come’on Andre, you got’s to represent vegans in a positive light. I’m no celeb but in this society if you’re vegan you represent all vegans to them, so I’m always very friendly and gracious at restaurants so they will be nice to the next vegan who requests an ingredient check or special whatever. Hopefully Andre was havin a bad day and will go back an apologize and give the guy a $20.

  • Inga Ambrosia

    I don’t believe this story. Andre 3000 probably paid him a tip in cash. We don’t have the whole story here. He probably just wanted an excuse to sell the receipt so he made this up.

    Nah … not buying it.

  • moonunit

    How do we know Andre didn’t drop the guy a hunday and one of his posse picked it up for themselves…you just never know!


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  • Topless waiters Melbourne

    I tried being vegan,
    it didnt last. Damn….

  • Seven Benjamin

    “Andre 3000 doesn’t live in Dallas that’s why Seven Benjamin acts gay and feminine. Andre leaves Seven with Erykah’s assistants and lovers, not taking responsibility for his own child. Andre would rather buy a Porsche and a loft in Buckhead then buy a place in Dallas to be there for his son. Seven is 13 years old. When is Andre going to grow up and be father? When Seven is 18? Its too late by then.” Dre also takes women to the same restaurants and asks for sex with them. He is really cheap! He is not a baller. He also lies to women and is a very deceitful person. He is a liar and cheap. That’s all I got.