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Matt Damon is the co-founder of the H2O Africa Project which supports sustainable, clean water programs to ease the challenges that dirty water brings to Africans. Matt explains how clean water can alleviate health, education, and human-rights problems, “…I witnessed extreme poverty and the role that clean drinking water plays in getting millions out of danger. I learned that a child dies every 15 seconds due to diseases from dirty water.  Of all sickness, disease and premature death in developing countries, a stunning 80% is the consequence of bad or no water. With clean water, we can empty 50% of hospital beds and allow the health budget to go to other critical care needs.”

H2O Africa’s goal is to bring public awareness of the water crisis in Africa, and to provide training so the programs can be maintained and continue into the future. Click the above link to learn more about this vision.


  • The Go Green Debate

    Sounds like a great program!

  • mrs. Kagheni

    have a project for the DRC: kinshasa? I think that you can also help this poor country for example with the development of the woman, youth or multiplication of employment; it in this moment much of thatcher: by making busness or other. I you ask it because I have just read certain your projects: H20 africa. And I am Congolese living with kinshasa. like also your films. Thank you.