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flower redTom Bergeron from “Dancing with the Stars” will be hosting a dinner party tonight. Between munching on grilled polenta and veggie snacks prepared by celeb chefs, Bergeron will be talking trash–the recycled kind, that is. Mariel Hemingway, Martin Mull, and Doug McIntyre, among other politicians, authors and scholars, will be debating a slew of eco-friendly topics. To check it out, be sure to tune in to Planet Green at 10:00 EST.

flower redHaving McDonald’s and green in the same sentence kind of leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I’ve had a long history of not being a fan, to say the least, of the conglomerate food chain. But apparently the golden arches are going to help the police department in Manila, Philippines to save some energy (and dough) by running their patrol cars on a mixture of diesel and used cooking oil from their kitchens. Think it could take a global effect?

flower redHollywood producer Jennifer Klein and celebrity hair stylist Tony Chavez are into non-aeresol dry shampoo with recycleable packaging. Klein says, “With my hectic lifestyle, I rely on my Klorane Dry shampoo. I keep one at home, one at the office and love to use it when I’m traveling since it saves me time when I’m on the run. It also comes in quite handy on the movie set.”

flower redWhile Kermit may have believed it wasn’t easy being green, ELLEgirl magazine doesn’t think so. They recently had two teen interns take the challenge to live the lifestyle in Linda and Tosh Siversten’s Generation Green. The result? So far, it looks like the two girls are on their way toward much greener lifestyles, proof that it can be done by any teen–hence, I think, by anyone, period!

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