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Kim Basinger’s last name might be impossible to pronounce, but when it comes to her stance on animal-rights she’s clear as day! Basinger recently sent a letter to the US. Fish and Wildlife Service after they issued a permit to allow two tigers to be transferred to the Baghdad Zoo. Yeah I know…Baghdad has a zoo?

Now I don’t want you to get the idea that I’m one of those Middle-Eastern hating Americans (although I do like country music), but can we all just agree to STOP SENDING THINGS TO IRAQ…INCLUDING TIGERS?!!!! Now obviously I’m not really big into the zoo to begin with, but I’m especially not big into the Baghdad Zoo since the last two tigers who were sent there were shot to death by “friendly fire.” WTF?????

In the letter Basigner says, “It’s has already been shown that the animals at the Baghdad Zoo cannot be properly protected from the country’s military conflict. When the war began, hundreds of animals in the zoo were killed, stolen, eaten, or let loose by looters. The last two tigers escaped and were shot dead. The future is uncertain. Most of the people in Iraq still do not have access to basic necessities or a safe environment and Iraq remains a war zone: sending tigers there would place the animals squarely in harm’s way.”

To read the whole letter visit, and don’t forget to sign PETA’s action alert to help stop the US. Fish and Wildlife Service from making this silly, silly mistake!

  • Liberal Canadian

    I guess she thinks tigers being drafted for war is more of an problem than children. Someone should introduce her to Warchild

  • athena

    I don’t think that’s the point she’s getting at. Animals that are on the verge of extinction should be not sent to a country where an unjust war is going on. The city and country does not have the means to take care of themselves. They should figure themselves out before they start adding to their “zoo”.