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Does anyone smell desperation in the air?

Because seriously — the McCain camp just threw this supposed insult at Barack Obama: “Only celebrities like Barack Obama . . . demand bottles of an organic brew — Black Forest Berry Honest Tea,” said Rick Davis, McCain’s campaign manager.

You’ve got to be kidding me.

In response, Obama laughed off the swipe at a recent rally in Iowa saying, “I do have to ask my opponent — is that the best you can come up with? Is that what is worthy of the American people?”

We’re wondering too — because if some form of elitist accusation is in the air regarding something as silly as organic tea, we’re wondering if McCain would like to comment on his $520 Italian leather loafers.

Of course, the real winner is all of this is Honest Tea — which we’re more than happy to see get more press as a result of somehow getting involved with this.

via The UK TimesOnline

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  • peter

    LOL What?? Really,? Stop trying to attack Obama already and go work on your plan to fix our economy already. I am torn, do I vote for Obama, who I dont think
    is really the change that he claims, and the
    change he is going to bring might be for the worse. He is sooo
    arrogent too. Bush was very arrogent. I think weve learned our
    lesson for voting for someone who wont admit when they are
    wrong. Stay the course is a scary Motto. I dont want that any
    more. Obama is a bit scary. OH, did you see the video of
    Obama losing his temper., I had never saw that before. They
    have that video of
    and McCain isnt the same candidate as he was in 2000
    I think everyone thought they were getting 2000 McCain,
    Instead we got a much more confused and cranky McCain.
    Did you seem him knock the stuff off the shelf in the grocery
    store., Or him blowing up on the reporter. His Campaign has
    become a punch line. You can see both mentioned train wrecks

  • vegoftheweek

    On another note, Honest Tea is awesome!

    I like the kind with the minty hint.

  • erin

    Ron Paul was the answer, but I will be voting for Obama. I don’t need for more years of Bush/Cheney (which is what you get with McLame)

  • Aelys

    This is seriously the most ridiculous “accusation” ever! How can you blame someone for drinking organic tea?! Stupid!

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  • The Modern Gal

    I love Honest Tea, so I guess that makes me a celebrity. Sweet!

  • VeggieTart

    I love Honest Tea also (especially ’cause it’s a local company for those of us in the Washington, DC, area). I never thought it was elitist to be drinking their teas and infusions. I just thought it was nice to support a small, local company that uses natural ingredients.

    I just wish it were easier to find the Citrus Energy Green Tea–my new favorite.

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