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Ya’ll know I love Hayden, but still, I guess you could say I’ve been PRETTY relentless with the Heroes star for being less than heroic when it comes to her driving choices.

While in many ways I consider Hayden an environmentalist, Panettiere is famous for her SUV loving ways and is regularly seen hitting the streets of LA in a Porsche Cayenne SUV which gets an embarrassing 14mpg in the city. HISS, BOO, RAW!!! Well rumor has it that earlier this week Hayden got a parking ticket for illegally parking her gas-guzzler  in a “No Parking” zone in Los Angeles. Can anyone say CARma?!!!

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  • michael

    When oh when will this madness end? :)

  • erin

    i could understand if someone were stuck with an SUV and could not afford to get a different car at the moment, but she can afford it. i don’t get it…….really don’t. :(

  • Pays to live green

    Yeah I agree with erin, Hayden can definitely afford a much more fuel efficient car besides an suv, even if it was a hybrid.

  • Carl

    I love Hayden, but she’s being so hypocritical I may have to stop. Her position in Hollywood, as a role model, is pretty powerful so she should do the right thing or at least pay them to make it environmental… ECO-SUV?