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Mondo-green mermaid Daryl Hannah is speaking out in defense of her beloved bio-fuels.  The Hollywood actress has been using the fossil fuel alternative for over a decade in her converted El Camino and bio-diesel 4X4 for buzzing around her farm. She even confound the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance. 

Daryl uses fuel made from waste veggie oil, not ethanol which has received a lot of negative press and blame for rising food costs. Daryl admits that ethanol, which does use food crops in production, is partly to blame for the increased price of food.  She explains why bio-fuels are still a viable alternative when used sustainably, “there are many other fuel processing techniques and feed stocks that bio-fuels can come from – for both bio-diesel and ethanol,” including “garbage, hemp, algae, moringa, jatropha, cellulose waste and prairie grasses.”

Don’t give up on bio-diesel just because a some corporate greed mongers are harvesting irresponsibly and tarnishing this simple solution to getting off the oil company tit!

Visit to read Daryl’s entire interview.  

  • saba

    good to know that there are responsible celebs too

  • Liz

    Both biofuels and natural gas could be viable ways to help ease the burden we’ve placed on fossil fuels to sustain our economy. They just need to be a little more accessible, and I think people will bite. But by the time that’s developed, fuel costs may have gone down again, which will make the incentive for Joe Consumer lower considerably.

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  • Yasmin

    hey alternative consumer…I believe that is a clip from her movie splash not something she did specifically for this article.

  • branden

    Is Daryl a bio fuel advocate or a bio fool? That’s the debate I’d like us to engage in.

    Shameless plug:

    Weigh in / vote with your own thoughts on bio fuels.


  • Gerry Gatcomb

    Bio-fuels are a very good start to becoming oil independant. We use solar in space as the only power so why not here on every house, More production will bring down the price so it can be affordable to everyone. What about the wind? We use solar winds on some of our satelites. What about hydrogen production from water and as it is burned it returnes to its normal state water. Big payoffs hold back these advancements because of greed.