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Actor David Spade has quietly donated $10,000 to the Humane Society in his hometown Lakeside, AZ.  The Humane Society of White Mountains was having  financial struggles, as so many non-profits do, when David’s family let him know about the funding needs of the animal shelter.  His mom lives in Lakeside as does his brother Brian, a contractor who will be donating his time to help with shelter building projects.   David’s generous donation will go towards improvements on an outside exercise area for the dogs.  

A Spade autographed T-shirt will be auctioned off at their annual fundraiser.  Way to support your four legged friends David – well done!


  • Kristen’s Raw

    As a fellow AZ resident, this is very cool! Thanks David :)

  • ainteasybeinggreen

    This is the kind of celebrity philanthropy we need. Not anyone starting their own new charity so that they can collect other people’s money. A celeb who gives a big chunk of their own change in order to make a difference is cool.