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For those of you who think that Jackie Chan is more of a fighter than a lover…well this story will prove you wrong!! In the past Ecorazzi told you all about Jackie’s participation in a series of green and humanitarian activities that really make us SMILE.  Earlier this year Jackie spoke to the youth in Timor-Leste about using martial arts as a peaceful, unifying force. He also opened a segway dealership in Hong-Kong in an effort to bring more clean technology to China.  Most recently Jackie worked with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to grant the wish of a 14-year-old boy  from Australia who’s suffering from a brain tumor

About the Make-A-Wish Foundation Jackie says, “Over the past ten years, the Make-A-Wish Foundation has received amazing support from people of all walks of life, benefiting quite a few children and their families. Wishes made by these seriously ill children can be as small as a request for a little gift or as big as a trip overseas. Among the wishes, quite a few sick children hope for a chance to meet their favorite idol and there have been many famous people who’ve assisted and participated with the services offered by Make-A-Wish. I’m also involved in assisting the cause because I hope through the Make-A-Wish experience, the lives of seriously ill children can be filled with hope, willpower, and happiness. The thing that delights us the most is that there are many cases which have proven how a child becomes more optimistic and positive towards fighting their illness after having their wish come true.”

The Make-A-Wish Foundation was started in 1980 and for the past 28 years has granted otherwise impossible wishes to children and young people suffering from life-threatening illnesses. To learn more visit!


  • The Go Green Debate

    Way to go Jackie!!

  • oceangoat

    I have to say this, no matter what good deed Jackie Chan does publicly, he’s still a HUGE hypocrite.

    He’s friend of a mafia entertainment mogul and treat every women like whore and call them so. He in no way represents Hong Kong or China, nor Chinese.

    He may do all these things on the surface that make him resemble a nice person, but truly underneath, is the most nasty person.