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Durning a summer when many music acts are getting press for their “green tour”, Kenny Chesney, under that big ol’ hat, brags about how much power his concerts waste. His 2008 tour Poems and Piratessucks up some serious wattage in a year of economic uncertainty and crazy energy costs.  An unfortunate price of putting on a big show is the electric usage, but you don’t have to go and crow about how awesome it is.  That’s just what Chesney did, when he issued to the press some Fun Facts describing the bones of backstage.  Besides the basics of how many video screens he uses and the size of the stage, here are a few bullet points you must read to grasp the scale of what I’m getting at:

“We use 5000 amps of 3 phase power to run the show. (The average home has a 200 amp main breaker. That’s enough power to run a neighborhood of 25 homes with everything on all at the same time.)”

“We have 2,500,000,000 (2,500 kW or 2.5 megawatts) of generation power. This is 41,600 average household light bulbs or 150 average homes in America.”

“We will consume approximately 28,000 gallons of diesel fuel over the course of the summer. This is enough to power a [sic] 18 MPG diesel car 504,000 miles — a little over a trip back and forth to the moon, or 20 time [sic] around the globe.”

Can you say “out of touch”?


  • moonunit

    Well you know what they say boys buy big toys are trying to overcompensate for ahem smaller things…maybe this is his way of doing that.

  • Mickey

    It’s his job, he employs hundreds and entertains millions. If you’d go to one of his shows you’d appreciate him more. I can think of a lot more out of touch entertainers out there. Hell, 80% of the networks on TV are out of touch. Imagine how much of our country’s energy would be saved by shutting down all the sets, satellites and studios of networks like E, WE, ESPN and Lifetime.

  • vegoftheweek

    It may be his job and other entertainers might be doing the same, but there are still some that are making a difference on their tours-KT Tunstall, etc. Check out Missy Higgins, for example:

    Maybe one day he will brag about the acres of rainforest he purchased instead.

  • Kirby

    I’m not sure if you’d call it “bragging” as much as he is just stating some facts about his tour. Although the “headline” here is well written. But there are some people out there who would be curious to know these triva kinda things.

    People should be more concerned about how much tax payer money politicians waste than how much energy Kenny Chesney consumes at a concert.

  • jamie lynn

    so i guess i can file him next to toby keith in my “country douchebags” list…

  • Michael

    Kenny is not “bragging.” Don’t lie to grab headlines. That’s cheap…Instead use a headline that is truthful. There is not one mention of carbon footprint in his press package. I agree, that’s the problem but don’t lie and say he’s bragging about it when he’s not. How about “Chesney tour not eco friendly.”

  • erin

    i hope his giant carbon footprint comes and stomps him out and smashes him to bits real soon because his logic (and shitty music) really suck.

    carbon footprint please come stomp out this man soon because he doesn’t deserve to be on our planet. take him OUT!

  • Susan Ellis

    We should all care.. whether you are a poor person rich celeb or a regular joe. we all live here.. he could try a bit harder.. whether its a good show or not.. for $85 a head here in NC – He could buy some geen power in the places he plays..

  • John

    Maybe carbon footprint is retarded. Maybe Kenny is saving us from an ice age. Maybe nobody can possibly know whether it’s better to emit less greenhuose gasses or not. Maybe you’re all just easily duped by the media. “Green” power is a joke.

  • Topanga

    John: Maybe you’re an uneducated, out of touch douchebag, duped by Fox News.

  • Jim

    Ummmmmm Who cares !!! Obama / gore / pelosi and reid use that much diesel / jet fuel a month all to promote a green way of life…Get over this co2 BS…….
    If you remove all the carbon from the air do you realize that life on earth would not be able to exist…PLANTS breath Carbon…without they will DIE !! And then we will as well…..Besides that I worked at a plant that captures gases out of the air to sale (Oxygen, Nitrogen, neon, Etc) and guess what…There is not enough CO2 in the air for them to capture to sale…So they have to go to stell mills and other plants and capture it strght from the stacks….what percentage of the air contains CO2 ???? Its 0.00375… Yep…Thats right 3 HUNDREDTH of one percent !! WOOOOOOOO we are all gonna die….LOL