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This woman just doesn’t stop! You’d think having six kids would slow Angelina Jolie down, but then again…did you SEE Wanted? That movie made me seriously think about becoming an assassin, for real…but I digress.

Jolie just popped out twins and already she’s working on her next project. As part of the work of the Jolie-Pitt Foundation the movie mom has plans travel to Ethiopia — her daughters native country – to build a medical center/AIDS clinic for the residents.

Jolie told Britain’s Hello magazine, “We will be building a TB (tuberculosis)/AIDS clinic in Ethiopia. One we plan for Zahara to take over when she is older.” Adding, “the next trip for our foundation will most likely to be Asia to follow up on the situation in Burma and our work in Cambodia.”

Sexy and charitable? I MEAN OKAY!! 


  • Helen

    She is quite possibly a Saint! I love her.

  • Kristen’s Raw

    I love seeing celebrities doing such wonderful and amazing things. YAY! :)

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  • Elizabeth Tadesse-Ogutu

    I am impressed how people spend their money. Some people spend it on things that do not have any meaning. Angelina is doing a marvealous job. She is selfless and I am 100% sure it will give her joy. I am very proud of her and envy her in all the things she does. May God bless her and Pitt in all their endovour.


    • Kenya

      This may not be the right place to contact you but my father is Ignatius and I’m trying to located him. I have a few addresses for him but no number. My mother is Cassandra Conley. I tried calling his brother about 6yrs ago but had no luck. I just want to talk to my dad.


  • erin

    She’s gorgeous giving great… and super hot!

  • genet

    Ilove her so much ang keep doing good job if we have two or three pepole just like you
    we can change the world.God bless you bless your family.

  • Million

    She is such a wonderful person with a great heart who always look for ways to help the needy .May God bless her and her family.

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  • Ethiopia

    I am so geatfull for angelina and brad. God bless them and their kids.