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Bet you never saw this one coming! After a long, heated campaign, PETA scored a victory in Canada when KFC offered to include a meat-free sandwich on their menu and only buy chickens from suppliers who use gas as a method of slaughter, which PETA calls “the least cruel form of poultry slaughter ever developed.” 

To show her support Pamela Anderson stopped by the chain to try the fancy new faux-chicken alternative. Earlier in the month Ecorazzi hosted a little friendly debate amongst meat-eaters and vegetarians alike when rumors surfaced that the sandwich may not be as vegan as we thought. What do you think? Was Pamela’s visit to KFC diplomatic or idiotic? Chime in, bloggers!

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  • Kristin

    The money still goes to support a chain that’s notoriously cruel to animals.

    There is absolutely no way I’d eat there.

    I understand it as being a step to offering vegetarian options – but at the same time, any vegetarian/vegan who has the choice – wouldn’t stop to eat at KFC when they could eat absolutely anywhere else.

  • Andrea N.

    I agree with Kristin. I’d never eat there. But I consider Pamela’s attitude a good thing. We need famous people to call attention to the cause and show what’s going on, especially to those who would never even think about something like a faux-chicken sandwich.

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  • vegoftheweek

    I think who this will attract are the “part-time” vegetarians who are doing it to reduce meat and might already eat at KFC from time to time, and for those that want to reduce meat for health reasons but like fast food (thus getting the veggie burger from Burger King, etc.)They tend to not be as picky about their non-meat and veg dishes “associating” with the meat ones in this manner.

    Hard core vegs will find it still gross, but there are lots and lots of folks who are in between and I say, great for them. It’s a start!

  • ainteasybeinggreen

    Fast food restaurants love to introduce “healthy” alternatives to their menus, only to remove them months later, claiming lack of interest/orders. Anderson’s attempt at bringing publicity to the option might help us all have the chance to try the item this time around. Remember the McLean!

  • http://ecorazzi Artemis Asproyerakas

    The majority of us visiting this site would never step into a KFC and I am sure that it has been many years since Pamela Anderson has entered one of them. However, as a spokesperson for PETA it is important that she show support for changes implemented in good part due to her celebrity. At least a measure of suffering has been removed from the slaughtering process and that alone is worth a visit.

  • erin

    still wouldn’t step a foot in their crappy establishment but at least they finally put a sorta vegan option on. it took long enough. (their competitors did so long ago) also might i ask.. didn’t they also vow to try and start getting their chickens from more animal friendly farms (if there is such a thing) or did i dream that one up?

  • yvonne

    am i missing something here? are they preparing the food right next to other food items? same counter top, utensils? hmm..

  • VeggieTart

    Yeah, but just how vegan will it be, considering they’ll be cooking it with the dead chickens. And how can anyone be sure they won’t accidentally give someone the wrong sandwich?

    I wouldn’t trust KFC as far as I could spit!


    I’ll be totally honest. I really am not sure how I stumbled on to this sight and I just saw the PETA chicken video on their sight. I had no idea it was like that. My father-in-law is a “higher-up” in the corp that owns KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut. I married into the family and was totally uneducated about what they were doing. I’m not a vegitarian and I can say I could ever be a total vegan, but I DO NOT condone animal abuse and now that I am aware of what the company is allowing, I definitely won’t be eating any of the establishments.

    BTW–PETA isn’t trying to “gas” the animals as an alternative. They are asking to use the controlled atmosphere method (CAK) which removes oxygen and basically gradually puts them into an eternal sleep. It is supposedly slower and more gentle and used in the UK as a preferred method. They aren’t encouraging any gassing. I’m not saying CAK is any better or worse, just stating the facts, so don’t kill the messenger.

  • Carnivore

    I’m a proud member of PETA – only mine stands for People Eating Tasty Animals. I think the whole argument is assinine!

  • Inga Ambrosia

    I’m too vegan, I guess because I could never eat there. Like eating a veggie burger in a butcher shop, you can still smell the blood and death. The thought makes me sick.

    No thanz.

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