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Little Hannah Montana is going to be driving soon.  Miley Cyrus is nearing driving age, and recently had that teen right-of-passage…a conversation with her dad about getting a car. Miley explains:

I’ve begged my dad for the Mercedes G-wagon, but he was like, ‘Miley, isn’t there enough pollution in the air?’ We’re Cherokee, that’s our background. And he’s like, ‘As a Cherokee, I really don’t think you want to do this.’ And I”m like, ‘Dad, I”m not that Cherokee.’ He wants me to take care of the environment and look at hybrid cars. I’m stoked, that’s awesome, especially with the price of gas.  I want to spray paint it.  I want to rock out my car.  I want to get my car pimped out.'”

Okay, I’m totally impressed she has an awareness about the price of gas, and by her dad’s smart eco-advice.  Can’t wait to see what she does pick as her first car.  Mine was a 1972 Datsun pickup with a smashed in passenger door, but it rocked my world.


  • kaysee

    im really happy billy ray is telling his daughter to look at eco friendly cars. but, she sounded like she was reluctant at first…and she wants to spray paint it? not a smart thing to do, not only because its not eco, but she might regret what she puts on her car later. and for all of the things shes done to regret in the past, i wouldnt spray paint it if i was her.

  • roz

    I don’t fault her. It tells you how completely wrong the carmakers are on their model mix. What hybrid is she supposed to buy? The ugly prius? A ford escape? why isnt there a cool hybrid? why not a hybrid edge? or a really efficient car that is also hot, no matter the cost.

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  • MatthewW

    roz, agree with roz, when will hybrids become cool? until then, I’ll stick with my Escalade and my Ferrari F430 thank you.

  • Vego

    Mercedes G- wagons are ugly. Miley’s taste in cars sucks! The Prius she has ewwwww~!

  • jordanne

    i think it is amazing billy ray is telling her daughter to go eco becasue she is saving the enviroment she is starting to become an eco kind of girl but she can only become that if her dad and herself keep telling her what is best for the world

  • :DSclolar=D

    Ferrari, baddie