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Desperate Housewives hunk, James Denton, likes to ride motorcycles in his free time. When he’s not acting in L.A. he hangs out at his house in Montana cruising around on his new Zero X Electric Bike. This dirt bike has zoom-zoom high power and is super light weight, without the pollution from a gas powered crotch-rocket. 

The Zero X uses a high power Lithium Ion battery (non toxic!) for up to two hours of hardcore riding without losing any power.  The power and torque (uh…not sure what torque is) is supposedly extraordinary, but the coolest thing is the silence.  It was kind of bizarre watching a video of James ripping around his property because there was almost no sound. Nope, none of that noise pollution we’ve all come to expect when we see a dirt bike zipping by.  Pretty cool, pretty quiet. 


  • Liz

    Hey, cool! I’d love to ride something like that, but I’m also terrified that I’d get horribly injured.

  • WendyZ

    How fantastic to be able to ride a bike with now engine sound! It might take some getting used to after being used to the intense body-filling engine power noise of a gas fueled bike, but I would sure love to try it!!

  • Jer

    Liz – I work for Zero Motorcycles and am glad to hear you think our bike is cool! As a female rider, this bike is very easy to ride as it has no clutch AND it only weighs 140lbs. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thanks.