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In the above pic Paris Hilton is yacking on her cell: Do you think she’s on the phone with John McCain talking about his energy policy?  Well seriously, she is wearing a super cute t-shirt which millions of people will see with its “think green” message. The photo was taken at London’s Heathrow airport, with Paris heading home from a fashion show in Denmark.  

I wonder if she was thinking green when she booked her flight at over 11,000 miles round trip, emitting around 4,800 pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere.  I do understand it was a work related trip since she has a line of designer fashionbags, but there needs to be a reduction in business flights with more of an emphasis and acceptance of teleconferencing, right?  Do you think Ms. Hilton considers her emissions before she books a flight?

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  • moonunit

    I don’t think Paris thinks about about thing but herself so therefor while she is wearing this shirt I think the only think green she would do would be if her name were Paris Green.

    I only hope all of the people that, gulp, look up to and mimic her will start being more “green” because she is…but I hope when it isn’t cool anymore they still keep up with it!

  • Zoica

    I agree with you, what are we going to do when is not “cool” anymore, and we need to show some action?
    Knowing that the fashion industry is one of the big sinners, I do not see much of action here, except for individual kind. We should take example from the Nordic countries, and their amazing 10 years plan to succeed. With the Copenhagen Fashion week coming to an end we found out about the joined effort of fashion bodies from Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Finland and Denmark in a bid to make sustainability the future hallmark of Scandinavian or Nordic fashion. Please visit my to find out how they envision making it happen.

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  • Nathan London Hilton

    That’s Hot!
    I love it, so cute and her blue trousers contrast nicely with the “primary colour theme”

    xoxo Ly Paris <3