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Two famous moms Gwyneth Paltrow and Kelly Ripa were there, among others, at the Super Baby Buggy Luncheon on the lawn of Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld. That sounds so glamorous and pretentious, but it actually looked pretty casual and was for a really cool cause.  Baby Buggy was founded by Jessica Seinfeld in 2001 when she found herself with closets full of lightly used clothes and accessories from her first baby, Sascha, and didn’t know what to do with it all.  The organization accepts baby clothes and all that baby ‘stuff’ that goes along with raising a wee little one.   Gwyneth explained what she does with her hand-me-downs, “We give Baby Buggy all our stuff… Strollers, car seats, clothes, toys.”

Baby Buggy supports families in all five New York Boroughs, and has handed out over 2 million items since it began.  That’s some impressive re-using!


  • erin

    Great idea Jessica Seinfield had. And original too (unlike the healthy vegetarian cook book she ripped off – “The Sneaky Chef,” by Missy Chase Lapine.. (sorry never been a big fan after reading an article about her first husband she dumped just after marrying the poor guy – for Jerry Seinfield……..)

  • Amber

    Yes, she’s definitely not at the top of my list either.

  • Erica

    She’s gotten a bad rap. There was another book even before the Sneaky Chef with all the same recipes – vegetable puree recipes for kids have been around forever. And that first husband? He just left his second wife 7 weeks after they had a child. Maybe he has issues, who knows? I just get tired reading such bad things about her – she and Jerry Seinfeld seem really happily married, with three kids! I say leave her alone

  • Tim

    She sounds like a nice person

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  • Alicia

    Anyone know how you donate to Baby Buggy? I live in NY and have alot of stuff

  • Jeff

    Go to or – all the info is there. If you live in any of the boroughs there are places you can go to donate. Hope that helps!

  • Marya

    I think its great Jessica Seinfeld is doing this, especially considering how quickly babies move from one size to the next. My daughter’s 3-6 month size clothes are practically brand new and she’s already moved on… – sigh -

  • Marya

    Follow up: I did a drop-off with Baby Buggy! The items they take need to be in very good condition. 306 West 37th Street between 8th and 9th Avenue on the 8th Floor – they meet you downstairs at our freight entrance on 37th Street.

  • Jeff

    That’s great!

  • jmpaula

    Turkey??? Gwyneth how could you!

  • mariagreatestmom

    I’ve heard Jessica Seinfeld and Kelly Ripa are like best friends… or their families hang out or something

  • victoria

    yes, kelly and jessica are good friends

  • richard

    I think the important thing here is the charity, not the celebrity!!! but good for them for supporting it

  • victoria

    Its kind of a sign of the times that it takes celebrity for important causes to get in the news. but the bottom line is it makes a huge difference when they do

  • jmpaula

    Actually on a handful of celebrities are truly active and involved in important causes, charities, etc. They should be and are recognized for it – its a shame that more don’t follow the example. there’s a responsible way to use the spotlight

  • richard

    let’s be honest anyway: we all love a little gossip. But I do agree that our society has become obsessed with celebrity culture, which is strange considering all the real issues we need to focus on in our world today. But maybe that’s why its happening – an escape from reality

  • jmpaula

    well look at this site – you can focus on real issues and gossip at the same time!

  • richard

    haha – true

  • victoria

    good one jmpaula… that’s why I love this site: guilt-free gossip!

  • michael

    You guys are on to us…


  • rich

    hey, if it takes guilt-free gossip to get us involved, I say amen to that

  • rich

    Prescient comments by all – check out today’s observation from Al Gore “Gore Urges World to Focus on Climate, Nt OJ or Paris Hilton:

    See? Al needs to visit this site!

  • Annie

    Jessica is a vacuous social climber. In her younger days before becoming Mrs. Seinfeld she tormented those who had more money than her, vowing she would one day become rich. Kudos to you, Nina (her real name)! You have proved that a person can go pretty far with average looks and even less brains