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When it comes to vegetarianism everyone seems to have their own definition: some people call themself a vegetarian and eat fish, while others might claim veganism even if they buy leather.  While I am probably one of the strictest (and coolest) vegans you will ever meet, when it comes to others I care more about what someone IS doing to help save the planet and less about what they’re NOT doing.  I mean nobody is perfect and sometimes you just have to roll with the punches.

And speaking of rolling with the punches, that’s exactly what Paul McCartney had to do this week when he found himself booked in a “specially” decorated leather-clad hotel room, while on a road trip across the United States.

You see Paul McCartney is one those vegetarians that avoids leather at all costs. In fact, he refuses to buy leather shoes and even asked for the leather interior in his Lexus car to be swapped for cloth. So you can guess how this might have been a little awkward for him.

A source told Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper: “He booked the room himself, but wouldn’t have realized that it had so much leather in its interior. He would have been a bit annoyed, but the whole point of the trip is to travel anonymously so he wouldn’t have caused a fuss.”

Now, as I type this post I am sporting a locally purchased MooShoes leather-alternative belt, but the truth is that I will OCCASIONALLY buy leather shoes or belts from a thrift store because I feel it’s better on the planet and not contributing to supply and demand.  But that’s just me! What do you think? If you were Paul would you have stayed in the leather-filled room or asked to move? Chime in and give us your thoughts!



    Sometimes people make dumb decisions and don’t want to make a scene about it. I think that is why. Maybe he stop caring? People change… or get influenced.

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  • VeggieTart

    I’d ask for a different room. If they didn’t have anything available, however, I’d deal. But I prefer for my bod not to be touching leather if at all possible.

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  • Mary Simons

    Requesting a room with no leather at a 5 star hotel is like asking for a non-smoking room from the rest of us (not that he would need a non-smoking room, well…anyway). Should be a routine demand by now since he’s known to refuse to sit on leather furniture. Nowadays, it’s not unusual to be a veggie/animal activist, and I’m sure if, indeed, he actually booked hotel rooms himself, he used a fake name. Besides, demanding quests at 5 star hotels are routine.

  • Inga Ambrosia

    Different room, nah different hotel. I bet it smelled ick too.

  • erin

    despite my distaste in leather i’d gladly be stuck in a leather clad room with sir paul mccartney any day. whether i be leather clad too would be completely up to him ;-)


  • Andrea

    When I travel for leisure I like to stay in vegetarian B & Bs. Then you can be pretty sure there won’t be leather everywhere. And the breakfasts are a lot healthier and tastier (and more humane) than the disgusting continental breakfasts offered by most regular hotels.

  • Vegan Nutritionista

    I like your point about what someone is doing for the planet, their health, and for animals rather than what things they are not doing. I’m always one to compliment people on how far they have come with their vegetarianism.

    I don’t even really care if someone calls themself a vegan and I know they occasionally eat baked goods with dairy. I know some are offended, but I prefer not to make our world a strict club with a big cover charge. Let people come in even if they aren’t perfect. They can call themselves whatever they want.

  • jamie lynn

    “…will OCCASIONALLY buy leather shoes or belts from a thrift store because I feel it’s better on the planet and not contributing to supply and demand.”

    i agree. being the ecochampion i am, people are often surprised that i don’t have CFL bulbs. my reasoning is, the lightbulbs i have are fine. when they burn out, certainly i will replace them with a more viable option. i think people can be short-sighted sometimes–just because you buy something NEW that’s GREEN doesn’t magically erase all the old stuff people tossed out. goodwill is my favourite store! should i disrespect the animal that died for these loafers twenty years ago by chucking them in a landfill and buying hemp ones instead???

  • nile

    Sorry, I find it difficult in my heart to forgive this individual for the way he treated Michael Jackson in one of the videos they did together some time back. The moment Michael ‘jumps’ on the band wagon, driven by Mr. Paul, is really saying, hey man, i invented rock and roll, and you just ride my coat tails. I actually think Michael is more talented than Paul, like it or not!

  • brian

    this is retarded…

  • Lynda

    I was so happy to read your article about Paul, most especially that he had requested cloth seats in his Lexus. I am completely frustrated right now while trying to buy a new car. I currently have a leather seated luxury car and want to get rid of it for cloth seats in a hybrid. My leather seats are really making me feel bad about the image I portray as a vegetarian. I want a hybrid with the navigation system and moonroof, but guess what you can’t have any of the upgraded features without leather seats. I want a nice car with all the bells and whistles the same as the other person does. Just because I am vegetarian and find leather seats to be as inhumane as fur seats would be doesn’t mean I am not allowed to have the other upgrades. I think it is imperative that vegans and vegetarians start demanding more from the auto makers. I have written as many well written, polite letters as possible. Please look into this problem and help get the industry to change. It may help if we all stick together as consumers and let them know we want nice things, but that doesn’t mean it has to involve animal cruelty.

  • lynda

    Good for Paul for ordering his Lexus with cloth seats. I am vegetarian and currently own a luxury car with leather seats. Recently I have become very uncomfortable with them. I am trying to purchase a new hybrid and can’t get one with the options I want unless I get the leather seats. It is so frustrating. None of the auto makers are sensitive to the needs of vegans when it comes to providing cars for them. We need to do something about this.

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  • Loper

    Paul’s who inspired me to be a vegetarian. If I was him, I would ask to move. I would ask to move, but if he’s trying to be inconspicuous, then he should’ve stayed

  • imageWIS

    He should order his car clad in Alcantara, which is synthetic suede-like material that’s often used as an upgrade option in many luxury cars.