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Laila Ali - what a beautiful name. The boxing beauty is expecting her first child in September, a son to be named Curtis Muhammad, and she’s been blogging about her pending bundle of boy. First she was inspired by Ricki Lake’s home birth documentary The Business of Being Born, and is choosing to have a natural at-home birthing option. Now she’s revealing her nursery picks, and she’s ‘going green’. She explains her decision making process, “Of course the true test comes when my son actually arrives and I have a chance to put all this stuff to use! But I have done a lot of searching and have narrowed my choices down pretty well. Not to mention, I am very particular so I think I have some good picks!”

She had more to say about her eco-choices, “I am trying to stick to products that are earth friendly and free of chemicals that can be harmful to children. You know, I am trying to follow the advice I have learned in books such as Raising Baby Green. It is not always easy so I am taking it slow.”

Bravo to Laila for making thoughtful purchases, and she’s even asking her fans to email her with recommendations for baby items they like. The list of products she has on her blog makes me think maybe ecorazzi readers could suggest a few eco products for baby Curtis. She’s listed green diapers, but also leather shoes and non-organic cotton onesies. Maybe she’d enjoy some tips to expose her to organic and sustainable baby gear.  She’s obviously open to good information and willing to learn about natural options.


  • Kristen’s Raw

    Yay for natural, home births!!! That’s awesome. I loved that documentary, too.

  • annie

    She should check out to boost her baby registry with eco-friendly baby gear. They sell ONLY organic and eco-friendly items, so she’s sure to find some great stuff that’s green for Curtis!

  • organic babys mom

    She’s one gorgeously green mama!

    I will have to check out the documentary.

    Thank you for the tips!

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