flower pinkRapper T-Pain bought an eco-friendly black-on-black Limited Edition Ford Flex from Maroone Ford of Miami. And who was at home eagerly awaiting his new earth-hugging purchase? Oh, just Beyonce.

flower pinkWhile Isabel Lucas and Adrian Grenier are apparently splitsville following the Transformer 2 starlet’s unfortunate car ride with Shia LaBeouf, that hasn’t stopped the actress from caring about her causes. Supporting gal pal Hayden Panettiere, Lucas attended the Whaleman Foundation benefit alone.

flower pinkOwen Holmes, bassist of the indie band Black Kids, hasn’t eaten meat since Thanksgiving 2004. “I just kind of weaned myself off dairy and eggs,” the cutie told Peta2. For more on his veggie goodness, watch his interview.

flower pinkRichard Branson was listed as one of the Top 25 Most Powerful People, Forces and Trends influencing the meetings industry in 2008 by MeetingNews, most notably for his pledging $3 billion to fight global warming through his new investment unit, Virgin Fuels.

flower pinkTori Spelling loooves going green. She recently told Tasty Baby, “When we had babies we tried really hard to do the research on environmentally friendly products and switch over for their health. We have loved Going Green! And, whenever possible we make sure Liam eats organic. Its important to us.”

  • diana

    I hope you’re not suggesting that T-Pain is dating Beyonce (“who was at home eagerly awaiting his new earth-hugging purchase? Oh, just Beyonce”). I imagine Jay-Z would be pretty upset about that…

  • sara

    Only what the Miami Herald reported. ;-) Not sure why she was there. Perhaps she wanted to see the limited edition?

  • http://www.angryafrican.net Angry African

    Buying a “green” ride is an easy choice. Saves money (sometimes) but, more importantly, makes the consumer feel like they are the “activist” each time they use the product. They are the green one and not the manufacturing process. Same for the light bulb. Problem is that most products have all the “goodness” in the manufacturing process and the consumer is only active when handing over their cash when they buy the product. Consumers want to feel they make the difference and green products should let them take some action too. More at http://angryafrican.net/2008/08/13/build-it-green-and-they-will-buy/

  • sara

    Too true, Angry, when it comes to people who really have the money. We don’t really know what they do that’s green in their private lives either. But it’s definitely better than buying a hummer. ;-)