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cameo lamp

Thanks to our friends at the stylishly green online shop Green With Glamour, we’re jazzed to have today’s giveaway be a beautiful Cameo Lamp.

Created by LightenUp Design — this piece features natural clays and handmade, non-toxic glazes. A 3-way socket and shade are included. (More info available here.)

The beautiful thing about these pieces from GWG is that they’re hand-picked and selected by the shopping-obsessed and green-minded duo running things behind the scenes, Kathleen Rowan and Deana Bracken. These stylish ladies took their love for eco-chic and turned it into Green With Glamour — creating a virtual storefront that allows you to pick up their latest finds and stay up to date on emerging designers and trends.

Enter to win by leaving a comment below telling us why you could use this lamp to shed some light. One winner will be chosen at random 72 hours from now. Full contest details and rules available here.

Also — still haven’t entered yesterday’s giveaway for a massive organic chocolate fix? What are you waiting for?!

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  • Moonunit

    This lamp would be perfect for me because I live among the world’s biggest skeptics. They all think that living “green” or eco conscious means running around in a hemp skirt banging on bongos (all of which they think i do though they have never seen it) I have showed them this site and other ways I stay Checoliscious but they aren’t entirely convinced. Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to show off this Eco lamp. I was close to having them with my organic jeans and almost convinced them when redecorating my entire house using no voc paint…this just might do it! Plus…IT IS GORGEOUS

  • vegoftheweek

    Cause vegetarians do it with the eco-friendly lights on!

  • michael

    hahah…do they really? :)

  • jamie lynn

    holy moly that thing is beautiful! it would go perfectly in the bedroom that i am doing right now–MINE! i just love it when form follows green follows function. if only more designers would ponder “how can i make this beautiful AND ecofriendly?” the consumer marketplace (not to mention the earth) would be better off for it.

  • kristeen

    i need this lamp because i just moved in with my fiance and we need a step up from the torcherie lamps :)

  • Mary Jenkins

    we’re trying to save energy in our home. this would be perfest for bed side reaading! i’m having an eco-friendly giveaway at now entering momville. i’d love it if you came by!!!

  • Jim

    Well my freshman daughter is heading off to college. What a beautiful gift to give to her. Not only can my daughter study by the green light but also when she looks at the lamp she can think of her family that loves her. Go Panthers!

  • lisabgrace

    I love this lamp!! My kittens (adopted from a no-kill shelter) broke my living room lamp. They are now older and less frisky, so I would love to replace it with this eco-friendly lamp.

  • Rachelle

    We use very little lighting in our home…but this beautiful piece would really light up our lives. Womp-womp! :)

  • Corrie Grace

    This lamp inspires me creatively and would be a constant reminder of the beauty found in every effort made to give back to and protect the environment:-)

  • http://ecorazzi Jim

    My freshman daughetr is heading off to college later this month. This beautiful greeen lamp will help her study by the “green” light. Not only that when she looks at the lamp she will always be reminded that he family loves her.

    Go Linny!

  • Holly

    I’m moving to Miami and this would be a great addition to my new green design scheme.

  • Sabrina

    I would love to use this lamp at work. I don’t have any windows so my office has really bad lighting. If I had this lamp, then I could talk about how going green can be glmourous to all my co-workers!

  • Megan Dietz

    I would love to use this gorgeous lamp on my desk to light my way as I write for the radically optimistic environmental website I run,

    We are all about creating a magnificent future, and this lamp could definitely be a part of it ;)

  • Turtlemoss

    I could use this lamp while making my crafts! My husband and I live in a very small 3 room apartment with four kitties, we don’t have alot (except for cat fur and litter) and that includes lighting! It would be beautiful in my living room/craft room :)
    Brooke F. :)

  • ainteasybeinggreen

    This lamp would look lovely in my daughter’s new room– Low VOC paint, secondhand furniture, cork flooring, and an eco-friendly lamp!

  • Nancy Gandrud

    I would love to use this light in my new dorm room in NYC as I attend Parsons and study sustainable fashion. I could literally shed eco-light around my room and with my friends.

  • Kai

    Beautiful! I’d love to win it :)

  • Kristie

    This lamp’s understated glamour is exactly what I love when it comes to decor. I would love to put this in my room as my new reading lamp (the current one is a little flimsy and doesn’t allow for energ-saving bulbs :( )

  • Chi

    My living room is sooo dark. I’m actually using one of my daughters Btatz lamps to help light it right now, until I find a good replacement :) This would be an excellent upgrade :D

  • Joleen

    we need lamps to put our energy saving bulbs in :D

  • Shari Bowen

    The lamp is absolutely beautiful!

  • Jen

    That lamp is beautiful! It would look amazing in my apartment.

  • Angela

    I’m lamp shopping for the table by my couch and cant seem to find anything I like. This is perfect. Beautiful.

  • Mook Han Kim

    Probably(?), it looks well in my bedroom…

  • Doreen

    Oh this would be great to shed light and show others how to be eco minded!! This would be great to bring up some conversation on going ‘green’.

  • Karin A

    My house is too dark–need more lights in the house!

  • oliver fernandez

    this light would be perfect for me because im a freshman in college and i like reading at night. i would love trading in my candle for this gorgeous lamp.

  • Alikat

    this is gorgeous!!!

  • lisa

    I could put this lamp in my bedroom. I’ve got lots of plants and I think it would look great in a natural setting!

  • kisah

    ohmygosh it’s gorgeous! it would look gorgeous next to my bed for nighttime reading….

  • Phoebe S

    Wow! Those LED or CFL lightbulbs will make it shine!

  • Rebekah C

    This light is amazing! I’d love to win one to go along with my book addiction. In otherwords, this looks like the perfect lamp to read by. Oooh la la.

  • Jennae @ Green Your Decor

    If there are no other words that describe what I am trying to be in my life, “green and glamorous” would say it all. I have started with my home, and I would love to add this lamp to my office to offer some eco-inspiration in the moments when I need it.

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